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Russell Wilson gets one All-Pro vote at QB, barely misses 2nd team

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

All-Pro distinctions are better than Pro Bowl distinctions, but certainly the voting and the actual awards list that ends up on your resume, carry flaws. For example, one voter thought that Russell Wilson should be a first team All-Pro over Tom Brady, who received 47 of 50 possible votes.

If not for Carson Wentz getting two votes though, Wilson could have been a second team All-Pro for the first time in his career.

Instead, Wentz is the second team All-Pro despite missing the final three games after tearing his ACL and losing to the Seahawks late in the year. Wilson and Wentz both had excellent seasons though, and I personally have been starting to lean to Wentz as the MVP this year; he missed three games but only two of them were important (barely) and he still finished second in touchdowns (to Wilson) and fourth in passer rating for a team that was 11-2 when he went down in a huge road win over the LA Rams.

Additionally, Doug Baldwin received one All-Pro vote in the “flex” position and K.J. Wright received one vote among the linebackers. Bobby Wagner was first team All-Pro, Earl Thomas and Tyler Lockett were both second team.

The Colts were the only team to receiver 0 All-Pro votes among all of their players.