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Seahawks deny Packers request for John Schneider interview

NFL: Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the news coming down recently that the Green Bay Packers would be looking for a new General Manager, many Seattle Seahawks fans immediately feared the worst; that John Schneider could be leaving Seattle to return to the state where he grew up and to the organization where he began his NFL career as an intern while in college.

Those fears started to take roots, as reports have now emerged that the Packers submitted the necessary paperwork to request an interview with Schneider. However, the Seahawks apparently told the Packers to kick rocks and find their GM interviewees elsewhere.

Thus, it appears any fears about Schneider leaving are overblown, and it appears there is no question that he will be at the helm for Seattle through the offseason and into 2018. But the reality for some isn’t that simple.

Schneider does not have “full” control of the final 53-man roster, as Pete Carroll is Executive VP of Football Operations, a position he wanted in order to be lured from USC in 2010. Carroll also led the search to hire a GM at the time, and he chose Schneider out of the Green Bay organization. It signifies, as do many things, that Schneider is not quite the full-control GM that many teams have. If the Packers could offer that, would it then be a “promotion” and deem Schneider’s can’t-go-to-Green-Bay clause moot?

At this time, I don’t think so.

This news will come as a welcome relief for many fans, as it means that as the Hawks enter into a crucial offseason with many decisions to make regarding core players and their status with the team, the front office will be led by the man who built the team and has deep relationships with those players with whom negotiations and discussions of the future will be necessary.