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Hunt For Ram October: Tate’s friendly wave is Moment 7 on our 10-play countdown

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Politeness above all

You miss Golden Tate.

Possibly you miss him for any one of the following reasons:

That’s just five examples. Among so very many. Probably no Seahawk has ever been quite as giffable as Tate. Anyway, you definitely miss him for Moment 7 in our countdown to Rams-Seahawks.

Number 7: Buh-bye

When: Monday, October 28, 2013. Week 8.

Game state: Seahawks 7, Rams 6, 2nd and 10 from the SEA 20, 3:56 Q3.

What happens: Golden Tate scores. He’s flagged for taunting. The score stands. It’s the last time the Seahawks would score that evening. It turned out to be enough.

The film:

The glorious film.

The Seahawks had 91 net yards passing in this 14-9 road win on Monday night. 88 percent of them came on the single play above. Let us zoom in? Yes. We have been let.

Tate said afterward that there had been conversations throughout the game between he and the Rams defensive backs. You can see him wave, then make blabbing gestures with his hand. Worth the 15 yards, and then some. Feel free to come back someday, Golden.