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C.J. Prosise, not Mike Davis, could be the one cut when J.D. McKissic returns

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Entering training camp, one of the most interesting battles to follow was J.D. McKissic, Mike Davis and C.J. Prosise battling for two roster spots.

Though no player ever appeared to distance themselves, the battle was decided when McKissic went down with a Jones’ fracture in late August. As a result, both Prosise and Davis made the 53-man roster.

Four weeks into the season, Davis and Prosise both remain on the roster. Both have been inactive for one game each, Davis in Week 1 and Prosise in Week 3 (although Prosise’s missed game was through injury).

McKissic will be eligible to return following Week 8, and assuming the health of Seattle’s running backs remains unchanged before then, a move will have to be made in what would be a crowded backfield.

To begin the season, Prosise appeared to be ahead of Davis in the pecking order. He dressed over him in the opener against the Broncos, and more importantly, played special teams during preseason, while Davis did not.

However, in Davis’s debut in Week 2, he appeared on 63% of the team’s special team snaps, while appearing sporadically on offense. With Prosise out in Week 3, Davis’s contributions on special teams continued. Any gap Prosise may have had between himself and Davis had all but disappeared within three weeks.

With Chris Carson sitting out with a hip injury, Davis took over the backfield in Week 4, rushing for 101 yards and two touchdowns, adding four catches for 23 yards through the air. Prosise, meanwhile, played just three snaps in Carson’s absence.

Despite Prosise’s injury issues and Davis’s relatively bright end to 2017, the former third round pick managed to remain—or at least appeared to be—ahead of Davis throughout the preseason. Prosise is under team control for another season, and comes at a cheaper cost than Davis. Not to mention Prosise has an extremely desirable skill set, one that’s flashed in games that remain in the memories of the Seahawks’ staff.

However, after Davis’s strong showing in Week 4 and Prosise’s prolonged absence from the offense, the ultra-talented yet oft-injured running back’s time could be coming to an end in Seattle. The Seahawks will have until Week 9, when McKissic should return, to make a decision, but the pressure is on Prosise to earn his keep.