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Enemy Reaction 2018: Oakland Raiders

NFL: International Series-Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks picked up a preposterously easy 27-3 win over the Oakland Raiders, thrilling the pro-Seahawks crowd at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Seattle scored on its opening drive for the first time in more than two years, and they never looked back. It feels good to have a virtually worry-free victory, right?

Of course, with a Seahawks win comes Enemy Reaction, and I have to say that the comments sections over at Silver and Black Pride are...largely not safe for work. Nevertheless their meltdown game is on point, and I left out a good chunk of the nastier in-fighting that ensued throughout the blowout.


Russell Wilson finds Jaron Brown for opening drive touchdown (7-0 SEA)

The punter you drafted isn’t any good? Can’t relate! (7-0 SEA)

Derek Carr sacked by Frank Clark, Jarran Reed recovers fumble (7-0 SEA)

Russell Williams Wilson fumbles snap, picks it up, finds David Moore for the score (14-0 SEA)

Amari Cooper suffers concussion after Bradley McDougald hits him (14-0 SEA)

Matt McCrane hooks his field goal wide left (14-0 SEA)

Derek Carr hurries up to run a failed 4th and 1 sneak, Seahawks take over and kick a FG (17-0 SEA halftime)

Frank Clark strip-sacks Derek Carr again, Jacob Martin recovers and Seahawks kick a FG (20-0 SEA)

The meltdown continues (20-0 SEA)

Russell Wilson picked off in the end zone by Daryl Worley (20-0 SEA)

Russell Wilson steps up in the pocket and finds Jaron Brown Tyler Lockett for the touchdown (27-0 SEA)

Seth Roberts obviously fumbles and Seahawks recover, but referees and replay officials say otherwise (27-0 SEA)

Derek Carr injures left arm, Raiders kick field goal for game’s final points (27-3 SEA Final)

Post-Game: Gruden is going nowhere (Pete Hernandez III, Just Blog Baby)

It’s hard to imagine that despite the offseason departures and additions, there are players on this team that managed to tally a 12-4 record just two seasons ago, even six wins last year. Yes, this team may not be on an elite tier but Gruden did not an inherit a roster that should be dominated by average teams such as the likes of the Chargers and Seahawks.

This team should be able to compete in games, but that was far from the truth on Sunday. Gruden has been hesitant to utter the word, but its become wholly apparent as the weeks go on that the Oakland Raiders are officially in a “rebuild.” The questions that remain do not center around whether or not Gruden will say goodbye to these players, but when will he do it.

Its clear he’s not on board with the personnel choices made in the past by Reggie Mckenzie, but it’s also clear that Gruden’s own offseason decision-making has backfired in the Raiders’ face. Changes are coming either sooner or later to this Raiders team, but one this is for sure: Gruden is going nowhere.

Post-Game: My nagging doubts about Derek Carr have been broken wide open (Raider Take)

My nagging doubts about Derek Carr have been broken wide open. It pains me. I like him a lot, I think he’s a man of integrity.

But great quarterbacks jump off the screen. They make things happen. They find a way. They win. They don’t look average for two straight years in their prime. It’s starting to look like the most we can hope from Carr is that he is a good quarterback. Which in today’s NFL is a recipe for mediocrity.

Nobody gives any coach--not even Belichik--a 10-year contract. Yet that’s what Mark Davis did with Gruden. This is a coaching marriage unlike anything we’ve seen before. This could be a case of “be careful what you wish for” for Jon Gruden. He got all the money, all the security and now all the power. It’s on him now to steer the team out of this mess. He has his work cut out for him.

We hoped that the Raiders’ swan song in Oakland might be triumphant, or at least respectable. But if something doesn’t change soon, it will be inglorious and forgettable.

Post-Game: The Raiders are tanking the f—k out of this season! (RAIDER John)

Bonus Enemy Reaction: San Francisco 49ers (Niners Nation)

We’ve reached the bye week, after which the Seahawks will likely get Rasheem Green and K.J. Wright back, along with Ed Dickson and J.D. McKissic. There may be no Seahawks football this weekend, but there will be the annual Enemy Reaction special edition that spotlights the best action from across the league.

For a team widely picked to miss the playoffs, and with many projecting double-digit losses, Seattle has a real chance at snagging a wild card spot. If nothing else, the rest of this season will be dedicated to longtime owner Paul Allen, who passed away on Monday. He started the organization’s transformation into the highly successful, Super Bowl winning team that we know today. It is perhaps fitting that the final game the Seahawks played while Allen was alive was a comprehensive win played in front of a fanbase that has grown to the point where they made a stadium nearly 4,800 miles from Seattle feel like a home game. None of this happens if not for Allen’s franchise-changing purchase more than 20 years ago.

Thanks for reading, and may Paul Allen rest in peace.