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Power Rankings: Seahawks gotta be knockin’ on the top 10, right?

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NFL: International Series-Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

For the last two weeks of my power rankings series wherein by I tell you where I have the Seattle Seahawks ranked but nobody else, the team has been roughly 20th in the NFL. If you’re asking why specifically, sorry, you came to the wrong power rankings. If you want to know which teams were ahead of below them, sorry, go to CBS. Or somewhere, I don’t know, I hate power rankings.

What I was waiting for from the Seahawks though was a dominant performance in which they undeniably won all four quarters. Last season, Seattle started 1-2 and then they got that kind of game against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 4, winning 46-18. Though Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders was against the awful, terrible Oakland Raiders, I was worried that the Seahawks might struggle because of the awkward conditions of playing in a new stadium and new city for the first time. (Not that Wembley or London are “new” but new to them.)

Luckily that was not the case and just like we hoped, Seattle mushed Jon Gruden into a spidery banana.

The Seahawks won 27-3 having only been denied a shutout by the refs in the fourth quarter. One must assume that the Raiders only kicked a field goal to avoid a 0-shot on their resume, otherwise Seattle basically had their most dominant defensive performance of the season and perhaps a little longer back than that. (The Seahawks highest EPA on defense by far last year was the 17-14 loss to Washington and holy shit I did not want to think of that game.)

No losses this week though as the Seahawks won the game, improved to 3-3, put themselves in fine position for a run at the top NFC wild card slot, and by all accounts will be healthier in their next game than they were for the last. Not only is Seattle playing well, having won three of their last four with a near-win over the NFL’s best team, but they’ve got their best personnel setup since losing Earl Thomas as many people expect both Ed Dickson and K.J. Wright to return from injury in Week 8 against the Detroit Lions. The bye week also means extra time to heal for Dion Jordan and Rasheem Green, who were somewhat surprisingly unavailable for Week 6. And it was this past week in which Doug Baldwin reasserted himself as one of the league’s most valuable receivers, even in a game where he looked a tad slow on a deep bomb that is usually a Doug Baldwin six-pointer.

A jump from 20ish to 11ish is usually considered pretty massive for these fake, made-up, inconsequential lists, but I’m going to do it anyway and I doubt that anyone here will be upset about it. The numbers guys back me up too as the Seahawks, once Gods turned meager middle managers at FootballOutsiders, have cracked the top 10 of DVOA once again:

Seattle is eighth by way of DVOA and so that means I’m even a little lower on them than I could be given my longstanding history of supporting DVOA. I guess for me there’s no reason to be overly eager, especially given the unimportance of this kind of piece, but why not just let the bye week transpire and let some of those other teams beat themselves up so that the Seahawks can move up a fake list without even having to do anything?

Pete Carroll has them back in the hunt, which is what matters most of all.