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Cardinals become third team in less than two years to fire Mike McCoy

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Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals dropped to 1-6 on Thursday after getting annihilated 45-10 by the Denver Broncos, whose fans populated at least half the stadium in ways that are quite similar to when the Seattle Seahawks play in Glendale. Life comes at you fast, and the Cardinals went from the NFC Championship Game in the 2015 season to needing a pretty thorough scrubbing in 2018.

With an offense that is stooping to lows previously “achieved” by such teams as the 1992 Seahawks and the 2005 Houston Texans, the Cardinals have unsurprisingly fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy after another pitiful, tepid display. Whether it’s Sam Bradford or Josh Rosen at the helm, Arizona just cannot move the ball effectively for more than one or two drives per game. Former NFL quarterback Byron Leftwich has been promoted to OC.

This is the third time in less than two years that McCoy has been relieved of his duties from an NFL team, and the second time in under a year that he’d been axed midseason. The San Diego Chargers had him as their head coach from 2013-2016, never finishing better than 9-7 and only winning one playoff game. He was axed on New Year’s Day 2017 after compiling a regular season record of 27-37, with many of his losses involving blown fourth quarter leads and poor clock management.

Off he went back to the Denver Broncos, where he became a hot head coaching commodity largely off of one year with Peyton Manning and also that one season where the Broncos had the NFL’s most rushing yards while Tim Tebow routinely won games despite not completing half of his attempts. Under first-year head coach Vance Joseph, the Broncos offense just about sunk to the very bottom of the NFL, and McCoy was fired in mid-November after a 3-1 start turned to 3-7.

Here we are again, McCoy joining the staff of first-year head coach Steve Wilks, and the Cardinals offense ranks 31st in DVOA, 30th in passing, 32nd in rushing — apparently he revives run games — and 31st in points scored. David Johnson went from superstar in 2016 to averaging 3.2 yards per carry, while McCoy futilely committed to running up the middle more than any other team in the NFL. Washed up Sam Bradford looked washed up and ridiculously conservative, while Josh Rosen was destroyed by Denver’s defense on Thursday.

McCoy is of course a former John Fox assistant from way back when they were on the Carolina Panthers. He essentially implements Foxball, which is a step removed from Fisherball, and Foxball is firmly obsolete and unwatchable in today’s NFL. I cannot imagine a track record of getting fired this often by three different teams will lead to him getting another high-profile gig, even in a league that lives off of recycling familiar names.