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Hunt for Rams October: Seahawks rush over rivals to close out 2012

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Today: the record-tying and tie-breaking touchdown that needed to be scored twice

With six days, including today, until the showdown in Seattle that could decide a lot about both the Seattle Seahawks’ and the Los Angeles Rams’ seasons, another happy moment in the rivalry deserves to be recounted. Especially today, we could use some good vibes, after a brutal weekend.

Moment 10 (Fumble Psych)

Moment 9 (Farwell Tackle)

Moment 8 (Whitehurst’s Finest)

Moment 7 (Tate wave)

Today, the countdown recounts a touchdown, a tie-breaking touchdown, that the Seahawks scored twice, just to be safe. It sent them to the 2012 playoffs. It avenged an earlier loss. It dispatched the Rams back to Saint Louis in sadness. It was a moment when all was right with the rivalry.

Number 6: Tie-Breaking, Almost-Record-Breaking TD

When: December 30, 2012. Week 17.

Game state: Seahawks 13, Rams 13. 2nd and goal from inside the STL 1, 1:45 Q4.

What happens: Mere seconds after Marshawn Lynch’s apparent touchdown run is reversed on replay, Russell Wilson gets the ball into the end zone himself, as he tends to do sometimes.

The film:

Wilson, a mobile quarterback, finds an escape route out of a precarious pocket. This could be a lot of plays from 2012-2015, except for the cool circumstances.

If Wilson completes the flick to Zach Miller, he breaks Peyton Manning’s rookie record for most passing touchdowns. He’d already tied it in the third quarter with a toss to Michael Robinson.

If Wilson keeps, he almost certainly puts his team ahead, with under two minutes to play, in a game they need.

He kept it. Peyton’s record was safe. But in doing so, he also helped secure the Seahawks’ ticket to the postseason, where a satisfying win and a bitter loss awaited. The Rams? They took care of the bitter loss portion last postseason. Maybe they’ll be fortunate enough to check off the other column these playoffs. But they’ll have to get past the Seahawks. Which, contrary to the impression of, oh, everyone, isn’t a formality. Not as long as Wilson’s on the field.