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NFL Power Rankings, Week 5: Seahawks gotta rank at least, like 20th, I think

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Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

What’s the number one thing people complain about in a power rankings comments section? Not just where their team is ranked, but where they are ranked in relation to other teams. “My team does not belong below that team.” “Your an idiot if you think THAT team is better than THAT OTHER TEAM.” (intentional sic)

But you can’t complain about a team’s ranking in comparison to some other team’s ranking if you don’t have the full list. Or even 90% of it. In fact, I’m only gonna give you one ranking at all: the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, evening their record to 2-2. Though many fans are despondent after the win because of season-ending injuries to Earl Thomas and Will Dissly, plus a please-end-your-season offensive playcalling performance by Brian Schottenheimer, the fact is that 14 teams currently have losing records and Seattle isn’t one of them. That most likely changes after this week’s game against the LA Rams, but the Seahawks can’t pack away their 2018 things this early with the NFC being as wide open as it is once you look past the Rams and New Orleans Saints.

Those are the two teams that I think are playing in the NFC Championship in January, assuming normal wear and tear without losing your quarterbacks.

But how mighty are the 3-1 Chicago Bears? Maybe they really are legitimate Super Bowl contender, I just can’t ignore how much their offensive prowess has been skewed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense; a team that almost doubled Mitch Trubisky’s career scoring total in like one half of football. How much would he shrink in the playoffs against the Carolina Panthers defense? Or even having to face the Seahawks again? Even with Matt Nagy as his head coach he was only at 5.7 Y/A prior to Sunday.

So how bad does that make the 2-2 Buccaneers? Tampa has allowed 139 points this season, tied for the 24th-most through four games in NFL history. Despite a 2-0 start and all that crazy-efficient passing to open the season with Ryan Fitzpatrick — with wins over the Saints and Philadelphia Eagles — the Bucs look completely lost and a little hopeless after their loss to the Bears. I know that I’m telling Seattle folks to not be hopeless at 2-2 and Tampa Bay has the same record (with better wins), but two things:

  • Getting blown out has been proven to be a higher indication of a bad team than many other highly-talked about reasons. They lost 48-10 to Chicago, a team that had scored just 40 points over their previous two games combined. The Seahawks have only been blown out twice under Pete Carroll since the middle of 2011. That still means something to me, even if I’m also prepared for it to happen again this week.
  • The Bucs could have the worst pass defense in the NFL. You can have the worst rushing offense in the NFL and still get by, but not the worst pass defense. It’s far too important. Oh, and Tampa Bay does rank 32nd in yards per carry, so they might hold both titles anyway. It doesn’t matter what Jameis Winston does, the Bucs’ pass defense is far too atrocious.

I think other 2-2 teams also have issues. I still believe the New England Patriots could buckle at some point. This is not the same level of talent that Bill Belichick has had in the past. The LA Chargers are closer to being 0-4 than they are to being 4-0. The Eagles are overrated. That’s all I have to say about that.

With that being said, where do I think the Seattle Seahawks rank among all 32 NFL teams? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Seahawks gotta rank at least, like 20th, i think.

You gotta see these teams ranked ahead of and behind them though.