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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Seahawks are definitely 10th, maybe

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NFL: International Series-Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s version of a power rankings where I only tell you where the Seattle Seahawks stand, I counted the teams I thought could be better than them and I found nine teams. Or so. Maybe there were a couple more. Maybe there were a couple less. Anyways, I think the Seahawks could be 10th.

I would also accept answers of:

The Seahawks are 9th

The Seahawks are 11th

The Seahawks are 6th

The Seahawks are 8th

The Seahawks are 7th

The Seahawks are 12s

The Seahawks are coming from inside the house

Instead of giving you the FULL rankings, here are some other NFL teams that could be ahead of, or behind, Seattle:

The Miami Dolphins

The New England Patriots

The Atlanta Falcons

The New York Giants

The Miami Seahawks

The Mets

The LA Rams

So there you have it, a full reasoning of why the Seattle Seahawks are now firmly in the top 10 of key power rankings, and that is something you can’t deny, unless they lose to the Detroit Lions next week and are not anymore.