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Seahawks-Lions preview: 5 Qs, 5 As with Pride of Detroit

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks and Lions kickoff early, 10 AM on Sunday for Week 8’s key NFC showdown. The odds say no game has more playoff implications than this one as both teams stand at 3-3 and are looking to stay over the hump. To find out more about Detroit, I sent five Qs over to Chris Perfett from Pride of Detroit and he sent me five corresponding As. Here they are:

Q: Kenny Golladay has become one of my favorite players in the NFL and maybe it’s just me, but it seems like he came into the league under the radar last year as a third round pick. Was he one of these players who was obviously special once his first training camp hit, or were Lions fans surprised by his breakout also? What are his strengths and weaknesses?

A: Lions fans saw it early last year, but his injury put a kibosh on any breakout talk on a larger scale. When you come out of the preseason hot then suddenly vanish, it’s easy to write it all off as the bluster that time of year produces and just move on. Lions fans always had an idea of what Golladay could be when he came back, although my own was tempered by time and the usual reservations I hold when dealing with this team or any fan expectations. What Golladay does is all-around pretty great. He’s got speed and size, so he fits neatly into this three-headed monster with Golden Tate and Marvin Jones. He’s also capable of being physical and putting out a few blocks now and then. I’m being reductive here, but if I had to point to one use of each of the Lions WRs, I’d say that Jones is a vertical threat, Tate is on that YAC, Golladay works over a defender.

The most distressing part about Kenny Golladay? Nobody seems to be able to get this kid a proper nickname. It’s really a lost art in today’s modern sports landscape. Kenny G is for people who are extremely lame, Babytron is infantile and ridiculous, and nobody wants to use another Transformers nickname because of Calvin Johnson for whatever reason. Everyone else is trying to take “Golladay” and run with it as a pun. This is all ridiculous. Absolutely foolish. Sports culture must be reformed.

Q: The Seahawks would like to protect Russell Wilson, but it seems Detroit has gotten significant pressure with three new players: Devon Kennard, Romeo Okwara, and Eli Harold. What can you tell me about these three players and defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni’s ability to create pressure?

A: Well Paul’s on the sideline with a clipboard, he’s not creating any pressure himself so we’ll leave him out of this for the time being. Okwara was a surprise pickup right before the season began, Kennard is a proud Man of Troy and a very good lad (Fight on baby). Harold has been out for a while now with his new kid, and I’ll add that Ricky Jean Francois has shown up fairly well to boot. It’s a surprise to be sure, given how awful the pass rush was last year, but I think it’s a matter that the players have gotten acclimated to this new defensive scheme and the front office got the talent they needed to get this scheme to work. It relies on a lot of pressure from linebackers, but given the poor showing of the backfield this year so far it’s been a pleasant treat.

Q: Inside linebacker Jarrad Davis is listed as questionable with a calf injury. How good has the former first round pick become and if he were to sit out, how big of a downgrade would the Lions be turning to?

A: Jarrad Davis didn’t have a good rookie season, but he’s played well in the past few games. He’s proven that he can be versatile and flexible, and as he grows I think we can start to chalk up his rookie season woes to adjusting to the NFL game and just generally rookie things. My guy Mansur Shaheen did some film breakdown on Jarrad Davis’ game against Miami that might prove useful to this question. I’m not one to look at a lot of film, since I believe the devil lives there. Anyway, Davis has been back at practice and I expect him to play on Sunday. His absence would test linebacker depth, which ain’t that great.

Q: Detroit is 32nd in yards per carry allowed and teams have passed on the Lions fewer times than any other team in the league has been passed upon. To answer, the Lions traded for Damon Harrison this week. Do you think that move will have significant implications and just how bad was it to watch the run defense week after week? Was it horrible or are the problems with the run defense a little overrated? Is the pass defense really good enough to make it up?

A: These are a lot of questions and I am a simple man. I’ll just say that he’s got a cool nickname, we’ve got a new T-shirt for him if you’re interested. Anyway the issue here is that I generally despise watching the Giants play football so I have nothing to really say on this matter. We do have another article to link here, a roundtable on the matter. I’ll just say this: I’m shocked the Lions made a trade. Everything is different, everything has changed. For years you’re told that nothing happens at the trade deadline, then a year comes along like this and everyone loses their minds. I’m excited. You should be excited. The anticipation.

As for the run defense itself, it was pretty bad. Even with a big burly large adult son like A’Shawn Robinson the new scheme has yet to adjust to stopping the run. The issue is when the Lions have lost, they’ve lost not just on these runs, but on a handful of other mistakes an anemic offensive starts. They can survive being bad at stopping the run in theory, but not when it’s combined with an inability to keep pace on offense. I don’t know about 32nd, because as we’ve established I don’t have eyes on every team. That would be cool to have those eyes though.

Q: Have you heard of Michael Dickson?

A: Is this is a phallic joke? One second let me google this. Okay next question, is he related to Texas’ Cameron Dicker, because these jokes aren’t going away are they.