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Michael Dickson “fake punt” was a happy accident

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Up 28-14 with less than three minutes remaining, the Seattle Seahawks were forced into a punting situation from their own end zone. If the Detroit Lions had a miracle in them, it would have involved either blocking the punt, returning it for a touchdown, or at least setting up great field position to score quick and maybe get one more opportunity to tie it up. No such miracle was coming.

Not for the Lions at least.

Seattle punter Michael Dickson ended up tucking the ball, scrambling in the back of the end zone, and then running forward for a first down, sealing the Seahawks’ victory. A “gutsy” call by Pete Carroll? Not really. It just so happened that the Lions were so unprepared for Dickson to keep the ball that they didn’t defend a potential fake so when the rookie punter saw his opportunity to end the game, he took it.

He was supposed to take a safety.

A safety would have cut the lead to 28-16, but it gives Seattle a much better advantage than if the Lions had scored a touchdown quickly on the punt or following the punt. No safety was necessary though, because Dickson says, “I just had to go for it” when he saw the opening for a first down. Carroll called it, “The Aussie Sweep” but only after the fact, of course.

I’ve said it to every opponent blog that I’ve Q and A’d this season and most of them think I’m joking, but I’ll say it again: Have you heard of Michael Dickson?

He’s pretty damn good.