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Fast Facts: Seahawks 2015 draft class snap counts

Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

On Tuesday I took a quick look at how much playing time the members of the Seattle Seahawks 2016 draft class have seen, and as promised, this is the same snap count data for the 2015 draft class. The 2015 draft class is of course led by defensive end Frank Clark and wide receiver Tyler Lockett, but the cupboard is pretty bare after that.

Clark, as most fans are aware, is having a phenomenal 2018 season so far, with 6.5 sacks, put him in a tie for 11th in the NFL in that category. However, of the ten players in front of him with more than seven or more sacks, eight of them have played eight games, while Clark has only played seven games due to the fact that the Seahawks have already had their bye week. Speculation has already begun about how large a contract Clark could command if he hits free agency in the spring, but whatever the number ends up being, the simple fact of the matter is that Clark is likely to be a very wealthy individual by the end of March 2019.

Lockett, on the other hand, has already cashed in on his performance, having signed a contract extension during training camp. While many fans did not like the size of the contract that the Hawks gave Lockett, he has so far justified the contract with his play on the field, already matching the six touchdowns that Paul Richardson scored through all of 2017 with nine games left to play.

So, without further blabbering from me, here are the snap counts for the 2018 Seahawks so far in their careers.

Seahawks 2015 draft class snap counts

Round Player Selected Snaps Played Percentage of Draft Class Snaps
Round Player Selected Snaps Played Percentage of Draft Class Snaps
2 Frank Clark 2057 36.18%
3 Tyler Lockett 2298 40.42%
4 Terry Poole 0 0.00%
4 Mark Glowinski 1330 23.39%
5 Tye Smith 0 0.00%
6 Obum Gwacham 0 0.00%
6 Kristjan Sokoli 0 0.00%
7 Ryan Murphy 0 0.00%
Total 10 players 5685 100.00%

So, while Clark and Lockett have justified their selection, the front office could have basically not shown up for the third day of the draft and it would not have made a material impact on the team. Mark Glowinski struggled during his time in Seattle, but has performed well for the Indianapolis Colts after taking over at right guard following Matt Slauson’s injury during Week 5. Glowinski was waived by the Hawks in December 2017, presumably for salary cap reasons in an effort by the team to hopefully save a small amount of cap space, but the cap rich, o-line needy Colts happily snagged him off waivers.

In any case, the other five members of the draft class never played a single offensive or defensive snap for the Seahawks in their careers, though Kristjan Sokoli did manage to see the field for special teams duty late in 2015. So, that’s the 2015 draft class as it stands through Week 8, and tomorrow I’ll take a look at the 2014 class.