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Hunt for Ram October: Four days left of Seahawks “high”lights

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It’s another downer today. But just wait

johnny, you went to bothell high school, how could you

In yesterday’s comments section, a user asked why the play chosen for that day was a negative one. From the Seahawks’ perspective.

BECAUSE IT’S THE RAMS. Even when the Rams are bad, which is most of the time, they’re still a pain in the hindfeathers.

Moment 10 (Fumble Psych)

Moment 9 (Farwell Tackle)

Moment 8 (Whitehurst’s Finest)

Moment 7 (Tate Wave)

Moment 6 (Historical Wilson)

Moment 5 (Press Return)

Seriously. You never know what to expect in Seahawks-Rams. One week it’s an incomprehensible 42-7 home defeat, another there’s special teams chicanery, and every few games Earl Thomas, RIP, chops the ball out of a Ram paw inside the one. (Those are your spoilers for the final three days.)

Number 4: Never Punt

When: October 9, 2014. Week 7.

Game state: Rams 28, Seahawks 26. Johnny Hekker setting up to punt from the STL 18, 4th and 3, 2:55 Q4

What happens: Hekker doesn’t punt. The Rams convert instead.

The film:

The Rams hadn’t been able to stop the Seahawks, even a little, on any of the last three drives. 12 plays for 82 yards, 9 plays for 91 yards, and 8 plays for 80 yards. If Hekker punts, there’s no reason to believe St. Louis, up by only two points, can hold Seattle’s scalding offense out of the end zone, let alone out of field-goal range. Punting is the wrong play. Even on your own 18.

What does it cost you, Jeff Fisher, to fail? The Seahawks would find themselves closer to scoring; there’s three minutes on the clock. Hell, you might even get the ball back with a chance to win if you fail here and Seattle goes up 33-28.

No matter. Not foreseeing this fake is special teams malpractice — especially because Fisher’s troops had already pulled off a fake punt return earlier in the same game.

The road to Super Bowl XLIX could’ve been a lot smoother. Oh well.