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Hunt for Ram October: The Second Earl Thomas Memorial Play

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Countdown is at 3! Time for one of the chops, wouldn’t you say?

you don’t need to his number to know who it is

If you know anything about the bizarre rivalry between the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks, you know it’s featured two of the classic defensive plays of all time. By the same dude. In different seasons.

Moment 10 (Fumble Psych)

Moment 9 (Farwell Tackle)

Moment 8 (Whitehurst’s Finest)

Moment 7 (Tate Wave)

Moment 6 (Historical Wilson)

Moment 5 (Press Return)

Moment 4 (Watch The Fake)

The dude in question, though he abides, won’t be playing Sunday. The last time he missed a Seahawks-Rams showdown was in December of 2016. Seattle won that game at home, 24-3.

If the Seahawks win 24-3 on Sunday, the entire internet, and the world that houses it, will break. Which it will deserve. Earth’s had a good run.

Number 3: The Chop II

When: October 8, 2017. Week 5.

Game state: Scoreless. Rams ball, 2nd and 5, from the SEA 12, 9:25 Q1.

What happens: Todd Gurley gets 11 yards and change on his way to the end zone. He doesn’t quite get the 12th yard because Earl Thomas is a god and we were never worthy.

The film:

(Initially ruled a gain to the half-yard line and Rams possession, this play was overturned.)

Look at it again, for the thousandth or ten thousandth time. The ball is knocked loose a fraction of a second before Gurley’s foot hits white paint. The pylon is the end zone. A fumble into, and out of, the end zone is a turnover. The defense takes over at its own 20. Best rule in football. (Kam Chancellor and K.J. Wright agree.)

You’d think Gurley would know better. He didn’t. All hail Earl Thomas.