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Hunt for Ram October: A total team effort from the Seahawks defense = win

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Why not give one award to the whole D for their 2017 effort in LA?

The Los Angeles Rams scored points in 2017. More than any other NFL team, in fact. But their lowest home output of the year came against the Seattle Seahawks, a division rival, in Week 5. Perhaps you are familiar with the Seahawks, who are known for defense. Pete Carroll can build a defensive juggernaut. He’s doing it again this year and next. In 2017 he had all the pieces at once, and when they moved in concert, it was symphonic. Beethoven symphonic.

Moment 10 (Fumble Psych)

Moment 9 (Farwell Tackle)

Moment 8 (Whitehurst’s Finest)

Moment 7 (Tate Wave)

Moment 6 (Historical Wilson)

Moment 5 (Press Return)

Moment 4 (Watch The Fake)

Moment 3 (The Chop II)

Are you ready for some [defensive] FOOTBALL?!?

Number 2: The Team Effort

When: October 8, 2017. Week 5.

Game state: Owning Jared Goff for 60 minutes.

What happens: The Seahawks defense owns Jared Goff for 60 minutes.

The film (of the Seahawks owning Jared Goff for 60 minutes):

On that day, Goff was 22-of-47 (46.8 percent) for 288 yards (6.1 Y/A), 0 TD, 2 INT.

Since that day, Goff is 293-of-447 (65.5 percent) for 3870 yards (8.7 Y/A), 33 TD, 6 INT.

In regular-season games that count, the Rams themselves are 12-2 since, and 0-1 in the playoffs. They can be very good, and they can be beat.

Whatever happens this Sunday in Seattle, know that the Seahawks are not intimidated by a guy they’ve owned before. Those Seahawks who remain, of course.