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Mychal Kendricks, NFLPA fighting his indefinite suspension

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Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks signed outside linebacker Mychal Kendricks this season despite his pending sentencing for insider trading, and they managed to get his services for three games. Kendricks was then suspended by the NFL indefinitely last week, taking him out of contention to play for the Seahawks in the foreseeable future.

Kendricks and the NFLPA are not happy about that and they are fighting the NFL to give him a set number of games so that he may return to Seattle as soon as this season, per Adam Schefter:

To that end, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has spoken to commissioner Roger Goodell on behalf of his suspended linebacker, who is thought to be the first NFL player ever suspended for a white-collar crime.

Kendricks has traveled to NFL offices twice within the past month to meet with league officials and state his case, yet Goodell has not met with him. Sources said Goodell told the Seahawks when they called to defend Kendricks that he didn’t have all the information on the situation, despite the fact that the linebacker has received the most severe penalty under the personal conduct policy.

Kendricks is set to be sentenced in January.

The Seahawks signed him to fill in for K.J. Wright, who had knee surgery just before the season and has missed all four games. Kendricks did great in his place, recording 15 tackles and two sacks. He was drafted one spot after linebacker teammate Bobby Wagner in the 2012 NFL Draft and the pair have looked good together in the action we’ve seen so far this season. That doesn’t mean that Kendricks necessarily has the right to play in the league right now — but he’d like to know for certain how long that right will be taken away.