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David Moore makes the most of his opportunity against the Rams

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

One of the Seattle Seahawks’ best players throughout training camp and the preseason, sophomore David Moore has had to wait to see the field in the regular season.

To begin the season, both Brandon Marshall and Jaron Brown were ahead of him on the depth chart, and Moore’s snaps were minimal as a result. However, after multiple drops by Marshall in Week 3, Moore’s play time began to rise.

Against the Cowboys, Moore played 35% of the offense’s snaps. The following week in Arizona, Moore played 65% of the offense’s snaps. Though snap counts aren’t available for Week 5 at the time of publishing, Moore was a mainstay in the Seahawks’ three wide receiver sets on Sunday.

Moore’s inclusion in the offense is for good reason. In the preseason, he continuously flashed the fluidity in the open field and ability on contested catches that made him such an intriguing prospect. Against the Cardinals, Moore had another moment of promising play. On Sunday, two of Moore’s three catches produced big plays and again left people wondering why he wasn’t already a key part of the offense.

At 17-17 early in the 3rd quarter, with Seattle facing a 2nd and goal, Wilson was forced to buy time outside the pocket, moving backwards and then to his right. Eventually, he found Moore, who had worked back to Wilson’s side, in the back of the end zone. Moore’s recognition of the scramble drill is the most promising part, however his ability to maintain his balance along the end line is the most impressive.

Then, late in the 3rd quarter, Wilson hit Moore deep down the right sideline with plenty of separation, the 30-yard touchdown putting the Seahawks ahead 31-24.

In August, Moore made an impressive play or two on a weekly basis. In limited action to begin the season, he has continued to flash big-play ability. As Marshall continues to look washed up and Brown not impressing, Moore’s role on Sunday should carry over into next week. If he continues to produce, it should only grow as the season progresses.