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Frank Clark was hospitalized twice, lost 12 pounds in the week leading up to Sunday

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Under regular circumstances, Frank Clark was great against the L.A. Rams. Under the circumstances he played in, Clark was unbelievable.

In the week leading up to the Seattle Seahawks’ game against the Rams, Clark appeared on the injury report with an illness. He was listed as questionable, and the only details revealed was that he was battling food poisoning.

Following Clark’s performance against Los Angeles, which featured an interception:

A forced fumble:

And a wildly emphatic stop on a jet sweep:

He shared further details of his week.

Between Wednesday and Friday, Clark was forced to go the hospital twice. Additionally, Clark had eight IVs over the course of the week. His battle with food poisoning resulted in him losing 12 pounds.

As impressive as Clark played when he was on the field, the week that led up to Sunday clearly took a toll on him. By the time the 4th quarter rolled around, Clark was rarely on the field. Though the worst of it is presumably behind him, with a trans-Atlantic flight just days away, we may see Clark’s stamina be low again in Week 6.

And if you’re wondering the culprit of Clark’s food poisoning, he’s got you covered there, too: