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Fast Facts: 2014 Seahawks draft class snap counts

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

On Tuesday I took a quick look at the snap counts for the Seattle Seahawks 2016 draft class, on Wednesday I reviewed the snap counts for the Hawks 2015 draft class and today I’ll peak at those same snap counts for the 2014 draft class. The 2014 draft came just months after the Seahawks had won the first Super Bowl in franchise history, and included two second round picks in both Paul Richardson and Justin Britt.

Obviously, we’d expect the number of snaps played by a draft class to be dominated by those towards the top of the class, but just as we saw with the 2014 draft class, there isn’t much to be impressed with from the third day of the draft.

2014 Seahawks draft class snap counts

Round Player Selected Snaps Played Percentage of Draft Class Snaps
Round Player Selected Snaps Played Percentage of Draft Class Snaps
2 Paul Richardson 1659 22.75%
2 Justin Britt 4557 62.50%
4 Cassius Marsh 649 8.90%
4 Kevin Norwood 169 2.32%
4 Kevin Pierre-Louis 255 3.50%
5 Jimmy Staten 0 0.00%
6 Garrett Scott 0 0.00%
6 Eric Pinkins 2 0.03%
7 Kiero Small 0 0.00%
Total 9 players 7291 100.00%

So, in short, Britt has played a ton, Richardson has played enough to earn a good sized contract in free agency, and the entire rest of the draft class has done very, very little for the Hawks in the four and a half years since the 2014 draft. On day three of the 2014 draft John Schneider and Pete Carroll selected seven players, and those seven players combined to play a total of 1,075 offensive and defensive snaps. Jimmy Staten, Garrett Scott and Kiero Small never saw the field on offense or defense for the Hawks, and Eric Pinkins played just two defensive snaps.

Cassius Marsh and Kevin Pierre-Louis were both special teams contributors during their time in Seattle, however, neither ever contributed much to the defense. Marsh is now a regular in the defensive line rotation for the San Francisco 49ers, and depending on how many snaps he plays during the second half of the season could potentially log more defensive snaps on the field for the 49ers in 2018 than he played through the entirety of the three seasons he spent with the Seahawks.

For those who are cringing about how ugly this draft class is, it might be wise to mentally prepare for Friday, because that is when I will be looking at the numbers for the 2013 class.