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Aaron Donald puts on helmet, retaliates against Justin Britt after game

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

LA Rams defensive tackle and Seattle Seahawks center Justin Britt got into a dispute during the game that had to be broken up by referees and teammates. The game continued on and the Rams eventually ended up winning 36-31. And then just after the game ended, Donald put on his helmet and ran across the field to find Britt so that he could go face-to-face with him once again.

The argument didn’t turn into much more than what it started as, but logic dictates that Donald will be facing a fine, if not a suspension for making the decision to go over there, especially after putting his helmet on. It doesn’t mean that Donald will be fined or suspended, I would just be surprised if the NFL isn’t discussing it. Whether or not he deserves to be suspended isn’t up for me to decide and I don’t think anyone can accurately predict the league’s decisions when it comes to suspensions. But I figured it was relevant to share with you.