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Germain Ifedi and the holding penalty: The pattern continues

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams squared off Sunday in a Week 10 match up in which the Rams prevailed 36-31 against a feisty, up and coming Hawks team that did what it could to pull the upset. The upset efforts came up just short, and the Rams now hold a commanding 4.5 game lead in the NFC West with just seven weeks of play left in the season.

However, the game was important from one perspective, as Sunday marked the first time in 2018 in which third year tackle Germain Ifedi was flagged for multiple penalties. Ifedi, as fans of course recall, led the league with 20 flags thrown his way in 2017, and had drawn just five penalty flags through the first half of 2018. His two penalties Sunday against the Rams pushed his season total to seven flags drawn, with six of those penalties accepted.

For those who remember, back in January I looked at all of Ifedi’s 2017 holding penalties, and found that on the majority of them the hold was in part caused by quarterback Russell Wilson scrambling out of the pocket to the right. We don’t have the all-22 of the call from the Week 10 game against the Rams, but from the broadcast footage, we know that it was called as Wilson scrambled out of the pocket to the right.

Yes, it was a ticky tack call, but Ifedi did grab enough of a handful of jersey to make the flag defensible for the refs.

However, in looking at his holding penalty in Week 9 against the Los Angeles Chargers, well, that’s a different story.

On this play Ifedi simply got beaten around the edge by Melvin Ingram, and, as we see in the picture, you can’t try and grab a defensive player by the waistband to prevent your quarterback from getting smashed. In any case, the hold on the play against the Chargers did not count due to an offsetting defensive penalty on the play.

So, in summary, Ifedi’s Week 9 holding penalty did not follow his 2017 pattern, while the Week 10 holding call did. Ifedi has obviously continued to improve through 2018, and it is likely only a matter of time before the Seattle front office begins extension talks with his camp. (Author’s note: under the CBA the two sides are prevented from discussing an extension until the new league year begins in March).