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Jason B Hirschhorn joins the podcast to talk Mike McCarthy, Aaron Jones, and more

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Should Mike McCarthy be fired if the Green Bay Packers don’t make the playoffs and also challenge for the Super Bowl? Is the decline in Aaron Rodgers’ stats since 2015 a sign that the quarterback is not elite anymore? Why is the Packers biggest mistake this season not utilizing Aaron Jones enough? Just how good is nose tackle Kenny Clark? And what was up with Greg Jennings’ comments last week on why McCarthy is not that good of a coach?

That’s just a few of the topics that I go over with Jason B. Hirschhorn on the Seaside Chats podcast this week as we talk Seahawks-Packers ahead of their Thursday night matchup. Jason is the managing editor at Acme Packing Co. and a former colleague of mine at Sports on Earth. He currently writes for as well.

To listen to this week’s podcast, plus the instant reaction show from Sunday (plus the next episode coming up with a guy who I will call Kanny Delly), go to Patreon and the pods are behind a paywall that costs just $2 per month. That’s less than .50 cents per episode and I’ll keep churning ‘em out real quick like. There’s not only an ability to listen to the show on the page but an RSS feed that you can use to subscribe on the Apple podcast app or whichever. If you have any technical difficulties or questions, please let me know!

I’d like to thank Free Dive Records for helping produce the podcast, including the opening theme song by the band Dry Reef. They have a new album out on iTunes and Spotify.