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Fast Facts: Seahawks offense finally delivers in the fourth quarter

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

In Fast Facts on Wednesday I noted how the Seattle Seahawks offense had taken possession of the ball while down one score in the fourth quarter nine times so far in 2018 and had yet to deliver a scoring drive that put the team ahead.

Turns out tenth time is the charm.

On Thursday Night Football the Seahawks started off the game by digging themselves a significant 14-3 hole to the Green Bay Packers, but fought back to where they found themselves with a chance to take the lead in the fourth quarter. Following a Mason Crosby field goal with just 8:23 to go in the game, the offense got the ball at the 25 yard line following a touchback went on a seven-play, 75 yard touchdown drive to take the lead.

The drive featured two one yard runs by Rashaad Penny and five pass attempts by Russell Wilson to cover the other 73 yards and was capped off by a touchdown pass to Ed Dickson, his second scoring catch in just four games with the Hawks since coming off of the Physically Unable to Perform list in Week 7.

Thus, I now get to happily update the table of fourth quarter drives which started with the Seahawks down by one score to include this drive.

Seahawks fourth quarter drives when down by one score in 2018

Week Opponent Drive Start Time Point Diff at Start Drive Duration Drive Result
Week Opponent Drive Start Time Point Diff at Start Drive Duration Drive Result
1 Broncos 11:11 3 4 plays, 5 yards Punt
1 Broncos 5:04 3 3 plays, -4 yards Punt
1 Broncos 1:00 3 4 plays, 2 yards Interception
2 Bears 8:37 7 4 plays, 11 yards Pick-6
5 Rams 6:05 2 5 plays, 33 yards Punt
9 Chargers 1:33 8 8 plays, 72 yards End of game
10 Rams 14:54 5 9 plays, 60 yards Field Goal
10 Rams 7:34 5 3 plays, -8 yards Fumble
10 Rams 1:24 5 7 plays, 40 yards Downs
11 Packers 8:23 4 7 plays, 75 yards Touchdown