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Twitter reacts to the Seahawks victory over the Packers

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

On Thursday Night the Seattle Seahawks won their second home game of the season, defeating the Green Bay Packers 27-24 and lifting their record to 5-5 heading into the home stretch of the season.

The win was crucial for Seattle’s playoff hopes, as a loss to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers would have left them with very little room for error between now and the end of the season, with three games left against the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs. With the victory the Seahawks take sole possession of seventh place in the NFC, at least until Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons all take to the field with a chance to move into a tie with the Hawks at 5-5.

In particular, the Cowboys and Falcons face off in a early game, so only in the unlikely event of a tie between those two teams will the Seahawks not have company at 5-5 heading into Week 12. Sadly, however, because of Seattle’s victory over Dallas earlier in the season, it is actually better for the Hawks if Dallas wins. I’m not sure how much I can stomach rooting for the Cowboys, but maybe I can convince myself that if Jerry Jones and Co win enough games they won’t fire Jason Garrett and replace him with someone who might actually improve the team.

In any case, the Eagles travel to the New Orleans Saints, so I’m not too worried about them. At least for this week.

So, without going off on a tangent any further, here are some of the reactions from Twitter during and after the game.

Also, for fans frustrated with Brian Schottenheimer, it seems that hating NFL playcallers is sort of a normal thing.

However, that’s enough about the losers from Green Bay. Let’s talk about some Seahawks.

For those who may have tuned out of following the Seahawks during the offseason, this explosion by Frank Clark is not unexpected to some. During the offseason I covered how Clark stacks up against others who recorded similar production through their first three years, and the list includes some impressive names. It is even more impressive considering the reduced practice time allowed under the current version of the CBA, it can take three to four years of practice reps for a player to develop, and Seahawks fans are seeing the value of patience by the front office and coaching staff from both Clark and Tyler Lockett.

In case you’re wondering, that means Lockett has caught 38 of his 49 targets this season for a 77.55% catch rate.

Well, obviously not all of us were wrong.

And Lockett knows how to get dressed up for game day.

In case you were wondering, The Waterboy was released when Tyler Lockett was six years old while his father was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs and his Uncle Aaron Lockett was a freshman at Kansas State University.

However, Tyler wasn’t the only one to show up to the game in noteworthy attire.

And just in case anyone forgot, or anyone thinks I overlooked him in the hype about Lockett and Clark, Bobby Wagner spent the game doing Bobby Wagner things.

And I don’t know how he is off the field, but he’s an intensity machine on the field.

And to close, let’s see what Aaron Rodgers thought of the game.

Now the Seahawks get to relax over the weekend in preparation for what is shaping up to be an crucial Week 12 trip to the east coast to take on the Carolina Panthers.