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Enemy Reaction 2018: Carolina Panthers

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Another year, another incredible win for the Seattle Seahawks on the road against the Carolina Panthers. It happened in 2012, 2013, 2014, and now once more in 2018. They’re at Carolina again in 2019, so they’ll have to find a new and even more insane way to get a victory next season. I’m thinking something like a Kick Six.

Of course, when the Seahawks win, it’s Enemy Reaction time. The Panthers have been featured on several occasions, and it’s time to bring them back out! This was a bit of a weird one as a couple of more exciting moments (such as the Chris Carson hurdle-turned-backflip) didn’t really pop well enough to warrant inclusion, but this is nevertheless one I suspect you’ll enjoy greatly. Panthers game thread comments are courtesy of Cat Scratch Reader. As always, right-click and do “view image” or “open image in new tab” for screenshots you can’t see clearly.

Cam Newton stopped on 4th and 2 on Panthers’ opening drive (0-0)

Naz Jones devours Christian McCaffrey, as Panthers settle for 3 (3-0 CAR)

Curtis Samuel gets free for a Panthers touchdown (10-3 CAR)

Russell Wilson to Tre Madden for 28 yards leads to Chris Carson TD (10-10)

Tre Flowers makes pivotal stop on Christian McCaffrey, forcing Panthers to kick FG to end 1st half (13-10 CAR)

Following Tre Flowers penalty on 3rd down, Bradley McDougald picks off Cam Newton in the end zone (13-10 CAR)

Russell Wilson hits wide open David Moore for 54 yards (13-10 CAR)

Tyler Lockett scores his eighth touchdown of the season to put Seattle on top (17-13 SEA)

Christian McCaffrey walks in untouched after Shaquill Griffin DPI puts Carolina at the 1 (20-17 CAR)

Chris Carson nearly loses fumble, but call is overturned, and Seahawks eventually kick tying FG (20-20)

Following two big runs, Christian McCaffrey fumbles but Panthers recover for the third time (20-20)

Christian McCaffrey scores on a pick play (27-20 CAR)

Russell Wilson throws 4th and 3 deep ball to David Moore for game-tying touchdown (27-27)

Graham Gano’s go-ahead field goal attempt is wide right (27-27)

Russell Wilson finds Tyler Lockett deep downfield for 43 yards (27-27)

Seabass wins it! (30-27 SEA Final)

Post-Game: Panthers DC Eric Washington is in trouble (Tim Weaver, Panthers Wire)

The Panthers defensive coordinator has benefited from a grading curve as this is his first year calling the plays. That excuse can’t fly anymore after yet another questionable showing today. His early strategy of blitzing Russell Wilson a lot in the first half predictably came back to bite the Panthers in crunch time. Also, having the corners give so much room at the line of scrimmage gave Seattle too many opportunities to move the chains. I don’t believe in calling for any coach to be fired unless they do something truly atrocious off the field. Washington’s seat is heating up, though.

Post-Game: The Panthers have self-destructive tendencies (Jourdan Rodrigue, Charlotte Observer)

What keeps eclipsing the promise is that the Panthers have become known for self-destructing.

And on Sunday, whether it was poor playcalling in the red zone, not getting the fourth-down spot call, missing a huge field goal attempt or a porous secondary, the Panthers were self-destructive as Newton and McCaffrey, and a young rotation of playmakers did everything they could to keep their feet out of the mud.

The future offense will run through Newton and McCaffrey. They will be complemented by speed and precision. And they can run this offense nearly perfectly, as some of Sunday’s drives showed.

They can, themselves, even be “perfect.”

And still, the Panthers can lose.

If Carolina wants to be a great football team, it has to stop hobbling itself.

And that is something that should keep this staff up at night.

Because 12 weeks in, they haven’t figured out how to do it.

Post-Game Video: Five minutes of pure saltiness and delusion (panthersroar89)

Enemy Preaction: San Francisco 49ers

At 6-5 and with four home games remaining, the stars are aligning for the Seahawks to make the playoffs. They absolutely had to beat both the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers to have a realistic shot at a wild card spot, and they had to come from behind to win each game.

Up next, the San Francisco 49ers. They have a formidable rushing attack, a quality offensive play-designer in Kyle Shanahan, and uh... well not much else. Besides a worry-free win, I think the best thing for Enemy Reaction would be if Richard Sherman got beaten for a touchdown by literally any Seahawks receiver. That’d go straight into the Enemy Reaction Hall of Fame. Make it happen, Russ!

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!