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That David Moore non-catch we forgot about: It might have been a touchdown

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Moments before Russell Wilson’s baffling interception at the end of the first half, he came within inches of a touchdown throw to David Moore. After the two minute warning, I thought the Seattle Seahawks would be making a mistake if they went for the end zone, as the Minnesota Vikings had all three timeouts remaining, but clearly Pete Carroll, Brian Schottenheimer, and Wilson saw something open as he heaved it 34 yards downfield to a streaking Moore. He caught the ball, but replay showed that Moore’s second foot came down out of bounds as he went through the end zone.

That is indisputable. But former NFL referee Terry McAulay, now an employee at NBC, says that the play should have been reviewed because of what happened before his “first” foot came down in bounds. He shows a screenshot on Twitter of Moore’s left foot in bounds as he catches the ball, then his right foot clearly coming down second.

McAulay: “Very likely this was a touchdown.”

Wilson was held without a touchdown for the first time since Week 4, and Moore is without a reception over his last two games. That’s officially on the record books now, but one former official says it should have at least been reviewed. Then we aren’t even talking about Bobby Wagner.