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Report: Seahawks lose Mychal Kendricks for the season with broken tibia

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Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks’ return from his suspension for insider trading will apparently last all of one game.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has delivered the bad news that Kendricks suffered a broken tibia during Monday night’s win against the Minnesota Vikings, and that obviously means his season is over.

It is not known what play caused Kendricks’ tibia fracture.

Pete Carroll had mentioned on Tuesday that Kendricks “could miss some time,” but at that point he was unaware as to the severity of the injury, and evidently he’s going to miss all of the time.

Kendricks was effectively an emergency signing by the Seahawks when K.J. Wright’s knee injury recovery was taking longer than expected, and neither Shaquem Griffin nor Austin Calitro appeared to be ready to take over that starting spot. Having been cut by the Cleveland Browns once he pleaded guilty to insider trading, Seattle scooped him up for Week 2 — the same week that Bobby Wagner also missed with his own injury — and he proved to be an effective addition to the Seahawks defense. Kendricks lost his appeal to have his suspension overturned and wound up being ineligible to play for the Seahawks for two months, but was cleared to return for the Vikings game.

With Kendricks out (again), that presumably means Austin Calitro will be back in the starting lineup until Wright is ready to return, if at all.