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Seahawks 2018 schedule has been bottom heavy. And top heavy.

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Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made headlines in the lead up to the first matchup between the Hawks and his new team, the San Francisco 49ers, when he referred to Seattle as a middle of the road team. Frank Clark had a beautiful response to the middle of the road remark, but Sherman’s comment brings attention to the fact that the Seahawks 2018 has been both top heavy and bottom heavy, without a lot in between.

If the NFL draft were to scheduled based on the records as they stand through the first 14 weeks of the season, the Seahawks schedule would include:

I’m more than well aware that the postseason will establish the draft order for the teams that make the playoffs, and I know that the Chargers and Chiefs played their Week 15 game Thursday, but the postseason isn’t here and the KC-LA game didn’t change the top five teams in the league. Point is, fans expected the Seahawks to be somewhere in the middle of the pack, but we have relatively little information about exactly where they stand in the middle of that pack.

It certainly helps that they’ve beaten five of the six teams that fall into that middle range, so they would seem to be a team that should be somewhere towards the top end of that middle of the pack. However, with the Vikings threatening to drop out of the playoff picture with three teams just a half a game behind them, it is possible that the Seahawks could end the season with a record of 1-5 against playoff teams and 9-1 against non-playoff teams.

For that to happen the Vikings would have to to be pass by either the Philadelphia Eagles or Washington Redskins taking over the final NFC Playoff spot. Further, the Hawks would have to drop the Week 16 game against the Chiefs, a game that all of a sudden has a whole lot of meaning for K.C. and the Patrick Mahomes Band. I’m not saying that is what will happen, just that it’s a very real and very interesting possibility.

And an interesting possibility that I’d love to see that happen because I know that the talking heads in the media would jump all over those records and flaunt them all week int the build up to the game. Because once the talking heads figured those numbers out, they’d complain endlessly about how the Seahawks only made the playoffs because of a weak schedule.

That is something I absolutely want to have happen, because we all know what happens when the national media starts complaining about how the Hawks don’t deserve the playoff spot they’re occupying.