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Seahawks extend Scorigami streak with 43-16 win vs. 49ers

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NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks blew out the San Francisco 49ers to improve to 7-5 on the season, and they’re in very good position to make the playoffs given how results in other games played out this week.

We are going to ignore all of that for a moment and acknowledge the importance of that late stand by the Seahawks defense in garbage time. You may have thought that Kyle Shanahan’s absurd fixation on getting consolation points was an infuriating waste of time.

Not for Pete Carroll. Not for Ken Norton Jr. Not for anyone on the Seahawks defense.

In a drive that lasted a rumored 17 hours, the 49ers could not get themselves into the end zone in the closing seconds of the game, as Jarran Reed blasted Nick Mullens on 4th and goal. Reed’s sack assured that the Seahawks would win 43-16 instead of 43-23, or 43-22, or 43-24, all scorelines that have been done before in NFL history.

But never 43-16. Thousands upon thousands of NFL games played, but none had ever ended 43-16, until Sunday, December 2nd, 2018 at CenturyLink Field.

Seattle has had a “Scorigami” game in all nine seasons under Pete Carroll, and they’ve all been wins.

2010: Seahawks 36 Cardinals 18

2011: Seahawks 36 Giants 25

2012: Seahawks 58 Cardinals 0

2013: Seahawks 43 Broncos 8 (Super Bowl champions!)

2014: Seahawks 36 Packers 16

2015: Seahawks 39 Steelers 30

2016: Seahawks 37 49ers 18

2017: Seahawks 46 Colts 18

2018: Seahawks 43 49ers 16

Kyle Shanahan wanted to thwart Scorigami. Jarran Reed and the Seahawks defense kept the streak alive.