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By fan request, a look at Jarran Reed next to the Pro Bowl DTs

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Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Wednesday I took a look at the 2018 on field production of Frank Clark compared to the defensive ends that made the Pro Bowl for the NFC squad, and in both the comments and on social media fans asked for a similar comparison for Seattle Seahawks third year defensive tackle Jarran Reed.

So, without having to lay too much groundwork, I’ll simply take a look at the same production numbers that I looked at for Clark. Jumping right into it, here are the first set of numbers for the defensive tackles who made the Pro Bowl roster, Aaron Donald, Fletcher Cox and Akiem Hicks, over Reed.

Jarran Reed compared to 2018 NFC Pro Bowl DTs

Player Sacks QB Hits Total Pressure Snaps Played
Player Sacks QB Hits Total Pressure Snaps Played
Jarran Reed 8.5 21 44 696
Aaron Donald 16.5 34 89 812
Fletcher Cox 7.5 29 83 749
Akiem Hicks 6 14 43 705

So, he’s obviously at least in the conversation with Hicks, but nowhere even close to being in the same discussion as Donald or Cox. The next step is obviously to take a look at the impact of these players in the run game. Turning to the same stats we looked at for defensive ends, here is a look at how Reed stacks up next to the Pro Bowlers.

Jarran Reed compared to the 2018 Pro Bowl defensive tackles against the run

Player Tackles TFL Snaps Played
Player Tackles TFL Snaps Played
Jarran Reed 44 10 643
Aaron Donald 48 20 781
Fletcher Cox 41 9 661
Akiem Hicks 51 11 756

So, we once again see that Donald is simply from another planet, presumably having fallen from space and landed in a small town in Kansas when he was a young child. From there, Reed, Hicks and Cox have numbers that are not dissimilar, and an argument can certainly be made that Reed was as deserving of a Pro Bowl spot as Hicks.

However, Hicks had two big things going for him. For starters, while I am not a huge fan of PFF’s grades for most positions, their advanced metrics are phenomenal, and Hicks is absolutely dominant in the run game. When Hicks is on the field and the opposing offense calls a running play, the odds are very good that Hicks will be involved in making the stop. In fact, Hicks is the number one defensive tackle in the entire NFL in this metric, and it’s not even close. While Reed’s numbers this season have him ninth in this category, the difference between Hicks at number 1 and Reed at number 9 is the same difference between Reed at 9 and Denico Autry in 43rd place.

In fact, Reed could make the stop on 30% more running plays than he currently does and he’d still be in second place in this metric behind Hicks. In short, Hicks has been an absolute monster against the run in 2018.

Further, as a member of the Chicago Bears defense that is stopping every offense that it meets this season, Hicks has had his stock increased by the fact that he plays for a strong defense. How impactful is the fact that Hicks plays for the number one defense in the NFL? Well, here’s a tweet from the Bears official Twitter account showing the members of the team that made the Pro Bowl this season.

For those who don’t recognize those five players just by their last name, they are

  • Return Specialist Tarik Cohen
  • Cornerback Kyle Fuller
  • Defensive tackle Akiem Hicks
  • Free Safety Eddie Jackson and
  • Linebacker Khalil Mack

That is, simply put, four of Chicago’s eleven defensive starters and their returner, which is the result of a rising tide lifting all boats. The Bears have fielded a phenomenal defense this season, a defense that is third in the NFL in points allowed, first in generating turnovers and the top overall defense by DVOA. Basically, he’s part of the best defense in the NFL this season so he gets the benefit of the doubt, while Seattle has the number 19 defense by DVOA, which didn’t help Reed’s case.

So, for those who may take offense at the omission of Reed from the NFC Pro Bowl roster, it’s probably best to take it up with Pete Carroll and Ken Norton.