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Enemy Reaction 2018: Kansas City Chiefs

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Kansas City Chiefs v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks pulled off the upset win over the Kansas City Chiefs in a 38-31 shootout on Sunday Night Football. For the Chiefs, they can still win the AFC West and clinch the #1 seed by beating the Oakland Raiders next week. This game meant much more to the Seahawks, who have locked up a wild card spot and remain in the #5 seed, which is right now the difference between being at the Dallas Cowboys and at the Chicago Bears.

What does this also mean? A Christmas Eve Enemy Reaction! You better believe this one is a classic, and it doubles as a first appearance for Chiefs fans. Game thread comments courtesy of Field Gulls and Arrowhead Pride.

Chris Carson opens the scoring with a four-yard touchdown (7-0 SEA)

Sebastian Janikowski misses from 36 yards out (7-3 SEA)

Damien Williams is wide open underneath for the Chiefs touchdown (10-7 KC)

Damien Williams fumbles, Seahawks recover (10-7 KC)

Pass interference gives Seahawks fresh set of downs, challenge fails (10-7 KC)

Nick Vannett gets free for a touchdown (14-10 SEA)

Chris Conley fumbles, Seahawks recover right before halftime (14-10 SEA)

Seabass misses again, but roughing the kicker extends the drive (14-10 SEA)

Mahomes Magic happens, Charcandrick West makes the catch for the game-tying touchdown (17-17)

ED DICKSON?! (17-17)

Doug Baldwin makes spectacular grab to give the Seahawks the lead again (24-17 SEA)

Patrick Mahomes throws a gorgeous pass to Tyreek Hill, setting up Chiefs FG (24-20 SEA)

Russell Wilson scrambles out of danger for 26 yards (24-20 SEA)

Following Chiefs penalty, Ed Dickson makes diving touchdown reception (31-20 SEA)

Demarcus Robinson scores a terrific touchdown, Mahomes converts on the 2PC (31-28 SEA)

Russell Wilson hooks up with Tyler Lockett for 45 wonderful yards (31-28 SEA)

Doug Baldwin with a one handed grab! (31-28 SEA)

Chris Carson scores his 2nd TD (38-28 SEA)

Big kick return gives Chiefs great field position, but they settle for a field goal (38-31 SEA)

Onside kick goes out of bounds, Seahawks win! (38-31 SEA Final)

Post-Game Bonus Meltdown

Post-Game: Is it 2003 all over again? (Charles Goldman, Chiefs Wire)

The Chiefs coughed up the ball twice in the first half and were lucky go into the locker room at halftime losing by just four points. It’s one of the few feats that the defense can own in this one. Still, Chiefs fans are having flashbacks to the nightmares of seasons past. The 2003 Chiefs come to mind, where the Chiefs had perhaps the most explosive offense in the league, but their defense was unable to stop anyone. Is the team destined to repeat history? Will they waste such a monumental offensive season?

It’s too soon to tell of course, but it’s certainly starting to feel that way. On the offensive side of the ball the Chiefs were unable to make the most of their chances. Whether it was fumbles, incomplete passes, poor blocking attempts, penalties. The team didn’t do much, save for a single scoring drive, to make things easy on themselves. Patrick Mahomes continues to make phenomenal plays and put the team on his back, but as we’re starting to learn, it’s an unsustainable style of play.

Post-Game: Chiefs still control their own destiny (Lyle Graversen, Arrowhead Addicts)

So when I say that the very flawed Kansas City Chiefs control their own destiny, I don’t just mean that they can still get the number one seed in the AFC. They still have a very real chance to make a Super Bowl run.

Now, do I believe that the team we have watched the past two weeks can win a Super Bowl? No, unfortunately, I do not. There would have to be a serious improvement on defense for that to seem feasible to me. However, we have seen enough magic from Patrick Mahomes in his first season as a starting quarterback that you simply cannot write him off.

I fully believe that the Chiefs will win at home against the Raiders and force the road to the Super Bowl to go through Arrowhead. Then it would just take one game at home where the Patrick Mahomes plays great and the defense does just enough to win for the Chiefs to be playing at home in the AFC Championship Game. That is a completely realistic scenario.

So while it may feel like its time to write this team off after two tough loses, I encourage all Chiefs fans to ride this roller coaster out to the finish. Could it end with us all in agony and sick to our stomachs? Yes, but there is just enough hope that it could end in the ultimate adrenaline rush that I’m simply unwilling to take the chicken exit and bail on the ride all together.

Post-Game Video RANT: Chiefs choke again! (TheKCKid1992)

Enemy Preaction: Arizona Cardinals

We can all exhale now. It won’t come down to beating the Arizona Cardinals in order to make the playoffs. They are already set for postseason play, it all just boils down to whether they’ll be the #5 or #6 seed, and whether they’ll be at the Chicago Bears or Dallas Cowboys.

Since Arizona fans have understandably checked out of this season, their lack of game thread comments in recent weeks leaves me no choice but to give them a reprieve for Enemy Reaction this weekend (assuming a Seahawks win). Instead, you will all be treated to a second Enemy Reaction either at the end of this week or on New Year’s Eve, as we look back at all of the “experts” who predicted the Seahawks would be one of the NFL’s worst teams. I understand picking them to miss the playoffs, but I do have the receipts on the “4-12” shouters and “top-5 draft pick” predictors.

Merry Christmas and go ‘Hawks!