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Watch: Doug Baldwin responds to Richard Sherman saying the Seahawks “lost their way”

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking at his press conference following the Seattle Seahawks’ playoff clinching victory in Week 16, Doug Baldwin was asked about Richard Sherman’s offseason comments that the Seahawks had lost their way.

Baldwin, who has battled through a laundry list of injuries in 2018—later in his press conference, he said personally this season “has been hell”—responded in a way that perfectly captures his demeanor.

Baldwin’s entire nine minute press conference is well worth watching, but if you can’t, here’s Baldwin quoting “a great 21st century philosopher,” when asked about his performance against the Kansas City Chiefs:

Despite suffering what looked to be another injury during Seattle’s win over the Chiefs, Baldwin closed out the game with seven catches for 126 yards and a touchdown, in a performance that Pete Carroll heaped praise upon after the game.