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2019 NFL Playoffs full schedule, start times revealed

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Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The NFL has released its full schedule for the 2019 NFL Playoffs, with the Seattle Seahawks confirmed for a 5:15 PM PT game at the Dallas Cowboys next Saturday night on wild card weekend. If Seattle wins, depending on how the Philadelphia Eagles-Chicago Bears game ends, we could see the Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams the following Saturday night, same time, same network (FOX). Should the Seahawks win but end up playing the New Orleans Saints, it’ll be Sunday at 1:40 PM PT to wrap up divisional weekend. If Seattle loses? Well the playoffs just go on without them, I’m afraid.

Here are the games and start times from the wild card round all the way through Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta.

Wild Card

Saturday, January 5th

#6 Indianapolis Colts at #3 Houston Texans (1:35 PM PT, ESPN/ABC)

#5 Seattle Seahawks at #4 Dallas Cowboys (5:15 PM PT, FOX)

Sunday, January 6th

#5 Los Angeles Chargers at #4 Baltimore Ravens (10:05 AM PT, CBS)

#6 Philadelphia Eagles at #3 Chicago Bears (1:40 PM PT, NBC)

Divisional Round

Saturday, January 12th

Lowest remaining seed at #1 Kansas City Chiefs (1:35 PM PT, NBC)

Highest remaining seed at #2 Los Angeles Rams (5:15 PM PT, FOX)

Sunday, January 13th

Highest remaining seed at #2 New England Patriots (10:05 AM PT, CBS)

Lowest remaining seed at #1 New Orleans Saints (1:40 PM PT, FOX)

Conference Championship

Sunday, January 20th

NFC Championship Game - 12:05 PM PT, FOX

AFC Championship Game - 3:40 PM PT, CBS

Super Bowl 53 (Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia)

Sunday, February 3rd

NFC vs. AFC - 3:30 PM PT, CBS