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Eventually, Russell Wilson is going to throw the ball to George Fant and it will be amazing

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Wild Card Round - Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have repeatedly split backup offensive tackle George Fant out as a wide receiver, usually so he could mow down tiny cornerbacks in the run game, but it must be noted that he was a TE in college.

Against the San Francisco 49ers, he was lined up opposite Richard Sherman on multiple occasions. This is photographic evidence of something that would’ve been laughed off as an actual thought in 2017.

We’ve yet to see Fant actually targeted on a passing play, but the potential is there. Do you remember that 16-yard sack Russell Wilson took in the 4th quarter when searching for his fifth touchdown pass?

Mike Davis would’ve had an easy touchdown if there was any sort of effective chip on Ronald Blair. Tyler Lockett was apparently in charge of this and couldn’t get across in time. Oh well, it happens.

But you know who else is running a route on this play?

Fant is most certainly not open when the play breaks down, and as mentioned before, Davis is clearly the first read and Blair just blew it all up, but let it be known that there is another big-bodied receiving option on the Seahawks offense just waiting to be unleashed. He had more offensive snaps on Sunday than Nick Vannett.

It may not be next week, or the week after, but we’re destined to see Brian Schottenheimer dial up a play designed specifically to scheme Fant open for a touchdown. If Taylor Decker can do it, why can’t Fant?

Do it, Schotty. Do it, Russ. We as Seahawks fans need this in our lives.