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Report: Seattle will get an XFL team, with home games to be played at CenturyLink Field

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Vince McMahon...

In 2020, the second version of the XFL will launch across eight cities, as WWE chairman Vince McMahon aims to actually have a professional football league that doesn’t bomb out after one season. The theatrics and pro wrestling elements appear to not be a thing for XFL 2.0, and McMahon is financing the whole thing himself.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 5th) the XFL will announce its eight teams for the 2020 season, and one of them is reportedly going to be in Seattle.

As for where the Seattle XFL team will play? Reportedly they’ll be occupying CenturyLink Field.

The XFL is planning its reboot for January 2020, riding the coat tails of the NFL playoffs, and I assume by then we’ll know more about the team name, the jerseys, and most importantly the rules and regulations. Frankly, I won’t watch unless “He Hate Me” and other custom jersey name plates are permitted.

If this news is made official, then it will have come 24 hours after the NHL announced that Seattle is getting a professional hockey team in 2021-22.