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Every time Russell Wilson was sacked in 2017

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the Seattle Seahawks recently hiring a new offensive line coach, changes may be coming. Everyone knows that the offensive line struggled this year, but who were the main culprits? To try to get a handle on the most frequent breakdowns on plays in which Russell Wilson was sacked, I put together a six-minute video of each play in which he was sacked, shown at 75 percent speed.

On the plays in which there was no immediate pressure, I marked “coverage/Wilson” because in this end zone angle we can’t tell if Wilson was sacked despite a receiver being open or because there were no receivers open. For the others, I did my best to assign primary blame (full play by play list below). The final count: Rees Odhiambo 3, Germain Ifedi 2, Duane Brown 2, Matt Tobin 1 (tackles combined: 8), Mark Glowinski 2, Luke Joeckel 5, Ethan Pocic 3, Oday Aboushi 1 (guards combined: 9), Justin Britt 2, J.D. McKissic 1, Thomas Rawls 1.

This is not a comprehensive look at Seattle’s pass protection: Wilson was frequently under pressure (as he has been his entire career), so this is a glimpse at only the small fraction of pressures in which he was sacked. The next installment will look at rushing plays in which the Seahawks lost yardage (there are a lot!).

Here is the clip:

Here’s how I would assign blame for each play, in order:

  1. Odhiambo (GB)
  2. Glowinski (GB)
  3. Joeckel (GB)
  4. Coverage/Wilson (GB)
  5. Coverage/Wilson (SF)
  6. Coverage/Wilson (SF)
  7. Probably Glowinski (SF)
  8. Bad snap (Britt) (TEN)
  9. Coverage/Wilson (IND)
  10. Coverage/Wilson (IND)
  11. Coverage/Wilson (IND)
  12. McKissic (LARM)
  13. Coverage/Wilson (LARM)
  14. Odhiambo (LARM)
  15. Coverage/Wilson (NYG)
  16. Odhiambo (HOU)
  17. Coverage/Wilson
  18. Britt (WAS)
  19. Pocic (WAS)
  20. Coverage/Wilson (ARI)
  21. Probably Rawls but arguably Ifedi (ARI)
  22. Coverage/Wilson (ARI)
  23. Tobin (ARI)
  24. Coverage/Wilson (ARI)
  25. Ifedi (ATL)
  26. Aboushi (ATL)
  27. Coverage/Wilson (ATL)
  28. Joeckel (PHI)
  29. Joeckel (PHI)
  30. Ifedi gives up the sack but earned a hands to the face penalty for a Seattle first down (JAC)
  31. Coverage/Wilson (JAC)
  32. Coverage/Wilson (JAC)
  33. Pocic (JAC)
  34. Coverage/Wilson (LARM)
  35. Pocic (LARM)
  36. Brown (LARM)
  37. Joeckel (LARM)
  38. Joeckel (LARM)
  39. Coverage/Wilson (LARM)
  40. Coverage/Wilson (LARM)
  41. Coverage/Wilson (DAL)
  42. Brown (DAL)
  43. Coverage/Wilson (DAL)
  44. Coverage/Wilson (ARI)
  45. Ifedi (ARI)
  46. Coverage/Wilson (ARI)
  47. Coverage/Wilson (ARI)