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Sam’s Film Room: Josh Rosen is making his case to go number one in the NFL Draft

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With the 2018 NFL Draft just around the corner, I wanted to start by looking at the top-rated quarterbacks in this class. After I’m finished with them, I’ll move onto other skill-positions and players who I think will be great fits on the Seattle Seahawks.

For this breakdown, I wanted to start by looking at Josh Rosen, quarterback out of UCLA. He is one of the most pro ready quarterback prospects I’ve scouted in the last five years. His ability to place the ball down the field gave his team the opportunity to make plays. In my opinion, he is making a strong case to go number one overall to the Cleveland Browns. Other teams that should be interested in him are the New York Giants at number two and the Denver Broncos at number five. All three of these teams should be happy to draft him.

For his pro comparison, I think he and Eli Manning of the New York Giants share a lot of traits. They both have the intangibles to make plays when necessary and both of these players had great arms with terrible offensive lines in their final seasons in college. Additionally, both players are aggressive with the football and are rhythm-based passers.

How this might affect the Seattle Seahawks

Many, including myself, believe he’ll get picked in the top five. I have also seen rumors of certain teams like the Buffalo Bills looking to trade their two-first round selections to get into the top ten to draft him or another quarterback in this class. What’s interesting is that with potentially five quarterbacks getting picked in the first round, this should push non-QB positions down in the draft into the mid-teens for Seattle. If the Arizona Cardinals somehow get their hands on him, the NFC West is going to be even more competitive with four quarterbacks that should be around for the next decade.


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