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Sam’s Film Room: Baker Mayfield and the Russell Wilson comparison

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In this scouting report, I wanted to look at Baker Mayfield and his play at Oklahoma. As I was watching him, there were certain plays that reminded me exactly of Russell Wilson. The way he’ll scramble around the pocket looking for openings and how he’ll use that same mobility to create down the field. He does have some mechanical issues where he’ll throw with a stiff front leg, but I feel like he has what you look for in terms of an NFL arm. In my opinion, he is not a pro ready quarterback right this minute, but could turn into a great quarterback.

For his pro comparison, while I did think of Russell Wilson first, I think Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys fits him even better. Coming out of college, I thought Mayfield was the more polished QB of the two, but they both do well throwing accurately on the run and extending plays on the ground.

How this might affect the Seattle Seahawks

As I mentioned in my last scouting report on Josh Rosen, with potentially five quarterbacks going in the first round, this could push non-QB positions later in the draft. This would give the Seahawks an ample opportunity to take one of these falling players. If the Arizona Cardinals manage to draft Mayfield, the NFC West will be terrorized by two quarterbacks with the mobility as dual threat quarterbacks for a long time.


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