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Enemy Reaction Special Edition: Super Bowl LII (Part 1)

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Super Bowl LII was an all-time classic. The Philadelphia Eagles dethroned the New England Patriots to become champions of the NFL for the first time since 1960, and it’s the franchise’s first ever Lombardi Trophy. It was a record-breaking game for offense, the second-highest scoring Super Bowl ever, and yet it was a defensive play that effectively decided the outcome.

Enemy Reaction needs to be a two-part special for this game, because it was just big moment after big moment after big moment, and we’re going to start with the 1st half. Comments are courtesy of Bleeding Green Nation and Pats Pulpit (mostly that “Mindkrak” guy, but still...)

Torrey Smith leads Philadelphia to early 3-0 lead thanks to clutch catch on 3rd and 12

Patriots tie things up at 3-3, but only because Tom Brady couldn’t connect with Rob Gronkowski on 3rd down

Alshon Jeffery climbs the ladder for the game’s first touchdown (9-3 PHI)

Bears fans at Windy City Gridiron react to their former player snagging the TD

Eagles defense totally forget to cover Danny Amendola (9-3 PHI)

Patriots make a mess of a chipshot field goal, Stephen Gostkowski hits the upright (9-3 PHI)

Hahahaha Tom Brady (9-3 PHI)

LaGarrette Blount punishes his former team with a 21-yard touchdown (15-3 PHI)

Duron Harmon intercepts Nick Foles on tip drill (15-6 PHI)

James White barrels his way into the end zone (15-12 PHI)

Stephen Gostkowski yanks his extra point wide left (15-12 PHI)

Corey Clement burns Jordan Richards for 55-yard gain (15-12 PHI)


Reaction from Bills fans at Buffalo Rumblings

Lions fans at Pride of Detroit react to their new head coach Matt Patricia getting punked

Bears fans know about this trick play

Part 2 will come on Tuesday, wrapping up another exciting season of Enemy Reaction. Stay tuned.