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Sam’s Film Room: Yes, Lamar Jackson should play quarterback in the NFL

In this scouting report, I wanted to look at Lamar Jackson, QB out of Louisville. Based on my film study, yes, he definitely should try to play quarterback in the NFL. His ability to create plays with catlike reflexes in the pocket make him a very fun quarterback to watch. However, he really needs to improve a lot in the pros. He’s very inaccurate and made his wide receivers dive all over the place to make some of their catches. I believe some of this is mechanic-based as I discussed in the video, but he also doesn’t do a good job throwing with anticipation. In my opinion, he needs to sit for one to two seasons before becoming a full-time starter in the pros. Based on all these factors, I currently have him graded as a second round prospect.

Will he get drafted in the first round? Probably. I also gave Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Mitch Trubisky second round grades last year, but they still were picked in the first. However, the risk, in my opinion, is simply not worth it even though he has tremendous upside as a player.

For his pro comparison, I think Jackson is most similar to Michael Vick. Both of these players were incredible athletes in college that struggled with fumbles. Vick never fully developed as a pocket passer, but we’ll see over the next few years if Lamar can transition in the NFL.

How this might affect the Seattle Seahawks

Jackson’s draft projection is difficult to predict. Some think he’s a Top 10 player, others like me, don’t have him as a first round prospect. Regardless, he is definitely a potential pick for the Arizona Cardinals in the middle of the first or even the second if he falls. Wherever he gets picked, Jackson should push non-QB positions further in the draft for Seattle.


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