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Seahawks Neiko Thorpe and Mike Tyson told to get off their knees and play

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With talk of the anthem protests having hit the news again in recent weeks, touching topics from the NFL’s TV ratings to free agency signings, two members of the Seattle Seahawks defensive backfield apparently dealt with fallout from the protests in a confrontation with a female motorist.

Cornerback and special teams ace Neiko Thorpe posted a twenty-seven second video to his Twitter account, showing a female driver yelling at him and teammate Mike Tyson from her car. The incident appears to have taken place in the parking lot of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center and involves the woman screaming at the pair to, “stand up and be a man . . . and get off your little knees.” She goes on to state that, “all I care about is that my tax dollars pay for you to play and go *#$%ing play and get off your *#$%ing knees.” I’m not really sure I follow her logic, but here is a link to the video for fans to judge for themselves.

Unsurprisingly, when asked for her name the woman in the video declined to provide it.

Here is the clip from Thorpedo’s twitter.

And here is a shorter version of the video that was posted to the Twitter account of Seahawks cornerback Mike Tyson, drafted in he sixth round of the 2017 draft out of the University of Cincinnati spent most of the season on the practice squad, only being promoted to the active roster for the team’s Week 15 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. Tyson was inactive for all three games the Hawks played while he was on the 53 man roster, meaning he wasn’t even eligible to play as the woman in the video implored him to do.

Regardless of where someone stands on the topic of the anthem protests and what the opinions are of the players who have participated in the protest, it would seem to me that yelling at someone as they pull into work would not be the best way to address the situation. In any case, in my opinion this is unacceptable and hopefully no other members of the Seahawks family are forced to deal with being accosted in this manner as they pull into work.

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