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Video: Russell Wilson strikes out in New York Yankees spring training game

MLB: Spring Training-Atlanta Braves at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After initial expectation was that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wouldn’t participate in any of the New York Yankees spring training games, he actually got an at-bat against the Atlanta Braves on Friday.

Pinch-hitting for Yankees star Aaron Judge in the bottom of the fifth inning, Wilson lasted five pitches vs. Max Fried. Russell only swung twice in his at-bat, tipping the first pitch behind home plate for a foul ball. The count started out at 0-2, followed by consecutive low balls by Fried, then finally Wilson struck out swinging.

Here’s video of the final pitch that ended Wilson’s day.

Wilson’s lone appearance at the plate was roughly as successful as Billy Crystal’s.

The most important thing out of this sequence is that Wilson didn’t get injured and he didn’t get beaned in the head. It’s been a dream of his to be on the Yankees roster, and he got a fun experience out of it.