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Michael Bennett not only Seahawks defensive lineman that played 2017 injured

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Seattle Seahawks announced they had agreed to a contract with Marcus Smith II to return and play defensive line for 2018, and today on Twitter Smith announced that he played through an injury during 2017 that limited his ability. Most fans are aware that Michael Bennett played the majority of the 2017 season with plantar fascia in his foot, which limited his abilities on the field, however Monday we learned that Marcus Smith played through a torn ligament in his foot this season.

Smith has always displayed massive amounts of athleticism, as we saw back in January when video surfaced on Twitter showing Smith in a dunk contest in high school, and then in February I looked at the similarities between Smith and former Seahawk Chris Clemons.

Obviously there is no guarantee that Smith will have a breakout 2018 season. However, between being fully healthy and having an offseason to work on the things Pete Carroll likely told him were necessary in order to reach his full potential on the field, there is certainly reason to be optimistic.

I was excited when the Hawks resigned Smith, and after learning this I am even more excited for what he may bring to the field in 2018.