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Seahawks release Trevone Boykin, who is reportedly under investigation for domestic violence

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With 2017 backup quarterback Austin Davis still a free agent, youngster Trevone Boykim has been the only depth the Seattle Seahawks have on their roster behind franchise quarterback Russell Wilson. It appears as though Boykin's red-flag filled background that contributed to him going undrafted out of TCU in 2016 has his name in the headlines once again.

This alleged incident comes on the tail of Boykin being arrested just days prior to the Alamo Bowl as a senior in college, and a year to the day of his arrest on possession of marijuana and public intoxication after his rookie year with Seattle.

Any issue arising out of this could spell the end of Boykin's time with the Hawks, but with details scarce at this point, there is nothing to do but wait and see how things develop regarding this alleged investigation.

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Update: The Seahawks have released Boykin.