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This is exactly why Seattle non-tendered Mike Davis

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

On March 22nd we learned that the Seattle Seahawks had agreed to terms on a contract with free agent running back Mike Davis in order to return in 2018, but we did not know the terms at that time. On Tuesday Brady Henderson, the Seattle Seahawks reporter for ESPN’s NFL Nation provided the details.

Regular readers know I’m a visual person and I like to have those numbers put out in a more easy to read table, so here it is.

Those per game roster bonuses equal out to $12,500 for each of the sixteen regular season games for which Davis would be active. In 2017 Davis was active for six games, meaning $75,000 of the $200,000 in per game roster bonuses will count against the salary cap heading into the 2018 season. Thus, putting that $75,000 on top of his base salary and signing bonus, his 2018 cap number should be $1.225M. If he ends up active for more than six games, then starting with the seventh game for which he is active the team will recognize a $12,500 charge against its 2018 salary cap.

As a result of having non-tendered Davis as a restricted free agent, but successfully resigned him to the squad for 2018 the Hawks saved a little bit of salary cap space for the upcoming season. Even with Davis’ 2018 cap hit slated to be $1.225M, that is still several hundred thousand lower than the $1.907M cap charge that Davis would have carried had he received an original round tender as a restricted free agent. Thus, by not tendering him, the team ended up with a cap savings of between $557k and $757k, depending on how many games for which Davis suits up.

In any case, the Hawks have Davis under contract for 2018 at an attractive salary, and with the news Tuesday that Chris Carson is fully healthy and will be ready for OTAs,the running back position is getting exciting again. Now it simply becomes a matter of seeing how everybody performs once training camp opens.