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Report: Seahawks plan to release Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans Photo by Shaban Athuman/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks barely got anything in return for trading Michael Bennett to the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday, but they may literally get nothing in return for losing Richard Sherman. According to NFL Network’s Mike Silver, the Seahawks plan to release Sherman in the next couple of days if they aren’t able to trade him or if Sherman won’t agree to a paycut.

Seattle only saved $2.2 million by trading Bennett, but they’d save $11 million by releasing or trading Sherman. That would free up over $13 million this week, and potentially save nearly $12 million more by releasing Cliff Avril and Jeremy Lane — if they choose to do so at this point. Whatever money they have, in combination with the $13 million in cap space they already had, the Seahawks may be loading up to be able to retain one of their key free agents such as Sheldon Richardson or Paul Richardson.

Other reports have been saying that they don’t plan to keep Jimmy Graham, but perhaps the two sides will have a change of heart. Either way, if the Seahawks do move Sherman, they’ll have more ammo to retain a different contributor of their choosing. Seattle may also be planning for long-term deals with players like Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett, or an extension for veteran Earl Thomas. Silver added that he heard the Seahawks would be listening to offers for Thomas as well, but they seem less keen to part with him.