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Seahawks 2018 7-round Mock Draft: Trading down with Browns makes sense

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NFL: Combine Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It is getting tougher and tougher not to double select someone and not go completely off the rails contrarian, but I may soon. Please read the disclaimers, but I know you won’t if you need to, so yes X won’t be there then and etc.


These mock drafts are not intended as a prediction of what will happen, they are merely a vehicle to look at different players that the front office may be looking at. With that, I will probably change who I draft just about every time, just to take a little bit closer look at more players at different levels of the draft at different positions. I will also trade out of the 1st every time I publish one of these. There are plenty of other places where you can learn about the first round and even the top of the second, here we want to look at all the other guys. In the end, we may find some draft crushes and know more names throughout the draft.

Big Board Order

I use different big board just about every time. None of them are perfect and I realize that none of them match. Some guys will go higher and some guys will go lower. The point is that we take a look at lots of guys, so don’t get too hung up on where someone is drafted.


I use fansided to simulate the drafts. I paid for the premium edition, so it lets me do trades. I realize that many trades aren’t realistic, but based on my wish to look at more possible players, I don’t care either.


We all know some of the basic needs that they have, but some basic rules are also in play with this front office. Since PC/JS have been here they have used 14 1st and 2nd round picks. Only 5 have been used on non-lineman: 2 WR, 1 RB, 1 FS and 1 ILB. Only 1 pick has been used in the 1st round on a non-lineman and that was Earl Thomas. Every time you see them saying they will grab a short-armed CB or some RB, remember, that would completely break with the mold. More likely is they do two things: they trade back as much as possible to maximize 2nd and 3rd round opportunities and they also lean towards four-year starters early on.

If you aren’t reading Rob over at Seahawks draft blog, you are doing it wrong.


I am not a scout, nor do I pretend to be. I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to other scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.

Here is my draft for today. As usual, I am super happy with it:


Seattle gives 1.18 to Cleveland for 2.3, 2.32 and 4.14












Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at 35 (round 2, from Cleveland) select: TE DALLAS GOEDERT, SDSU

Measurements: 6-5 255

Testing: 23 Reps

Active blocker, but great receiver, elite hands and catch radius

Via Draft Scout:

Workable frame to add weight and get stronger – was only 205 pounds when he arrived at SDSU and wasn’t part of a workout program until college. Boasts the frame and strength profile to develop as a blocker. Matured into one of the team’s best workers, on and off the field, the last five years – “he’s obviously got a lot of natural gifts, but it’s his work ethic and football IQ that have made the difference.” – SDSU tight ends coach Luke Schleusner. Former walk on who worked his way to be in this position – earned a 40% scholarship as a redshirt freshman, 70% scholarship as a sophomore and 100% for his final two seasons. Above average production, setting several Missouri Valley Football Conference tight end records. – Dane Brugler 12/12/2017


Goedert is a very talented pass catching tight end with the ability to work all three levels of the field. His ball focus and ability to make the spectacular catch will make him the darling of fans and media throughout the draft process, but, he still has work to do. Goedert dominated a lower level of competition and will have to prove he can uncover and block against bigger, more explosive athletes as a pro. The size, speed and talent is there for him to succeed as a very good combo tight end if he works and plays with a little more urgency.

Seahawks pick at 64 (round 2, from Cleveland) RB Sony Michel, GEORGIA

Measurements: 5-11, 220

Testing: 4.54 40, 22 reps, 4.21 short shuttle

A RB like him will make it to the end of the second and become a great value pick, after everyone overdrafts QBs.

Via Draft Scout:

Naturally elusive back, showing the light feet and greasy knees to shake defenders in a phone booth and squirt through small holes to get to the secondary in the blink of an eye. Bolts to and through the line of scrimmage when the hole is there, showing very good initial quickness to create positive yardage. Doesn’t panic when the hole isn’t immediately available, however, showing patience when necessary to allow blocks to develop, as well as very good vision for cutback lanes with the lateral agility and burst to take advantage. Good balance to tightrope the sideline and dead-leg defenders, showing the ability to keep his feet through contact. Possesses broad shoulders and a very well-built upper body with a v-cut mid-section and relatively narrow hips, leaving a disproportionately small bulls-eye for would-be tacklers to target. Lowers his shoulder to initiate contact, showing no hesitancy to run through traffic. Soft hands out of the backfield with good concentration to gather and secure the ball quickly. Physical in pass protection, competing to sustain blocks. -- Rob Rang 1/13/2018


Michel is a well-built, no-nonsense runner who is able to combine vision, burst, and physicality. While he can make open field cuts to find additional yardage, his running style is more angular in nature and he thrives when playing north-south. He’s not the most creative runner and he lacks some finesse, but his size, pass protection and ability to create yardage make him a natural fit as a future NFL starter.

Seahawks pick at 114 (round 4, from Cleveland) DE TYQUAN LEWIS, OHIO STATE

Measurements: 6-3 268, 33” ARMS

Testing: 4.69 40, 24 reps, 35.5” vert, 127” broad, 7.2 3 cone, 4.34 short shuttle

All around solid DE, who’s production was muted based on the DL he was on. Should be an early starter.

Via Draft Scout:

Filled-out frame with a broad chest and thick trunk. Drops his hips, extends his reach and bullies blockers. Technically sound hands to work off contact. Flashes power in his upper body to press blockers from his rush lane. Shuts down creases in the run game with initial momentum. Makes his target feel it when he arrives, forcing five fumbles the last two seasons. Student of the game and works hard to hone his craft. Graduated with a degree in sociology (Dec. 2016). Two-year team captain with top-notch intangibles and toughness that will earn him points with NFL coaches. Steady production as a three-year starter, finishing top-five all-time in Ohio State history with 23.5 sacks. Experienced lining up all over the defensive line. – Dane Brugler 1/21/2018


Lewis has become less productive and seemingly less effective as Ohio State has added depth to their defensive front. Lewis had some intriguing flashes on tape when rushing from a defensive tackle spot, but he may not be effective enough against the run to become anything more than a situational rusher.

Seahawks select at 120 (round 4): S JODRAN WHITEHEAD, PITTSBURGH

Measurements: 5-11 200

Testing: 4.59 40, 21 reps, 34” vert, 123” broad, 7.16” 3 cone, 4.31 shuttle

FS who can play the slot.

From Draft Scout Profile

Sudden, quick-footed athlete. Smooth backpedal with cornerback movement skills. Loose hips in his transition to flip, redirect and close. Plus middle of the field range. Bursts through the catch point to disrupt. Plant-and-drive acceleration to fly like a missile. Comes to balance well vs. the run. Surges through the ballcarrier and hits bigger than his size suggests. Natural ball skills and body control to make diving plays on the ball. Tracks the eyes of the quarterback to float towards zones. Also played meaningful snaps offense at Pitt, averaging 8.7 yards per rush (43/378/3). Scored five touchdowns over his career – three rushing, one interception return and one fumble return. Athletic bloodlines – cousin of Darrelle Revis on his mother’s side. Versatile experience seeing snaps at free safety, strong safety and cornerback at Pitt. – Dane Brugler 1/6/2018 profile

Whitehead is undersized which makes playing near the line of scrimmage a challenge and his instincts as a high safety were troubling as he allowed too many big plays. Teams may look to utilize him as a hybrid defensive back in sub packages with the ability to cover the slot and handle run support duties against teams who run the ball out of three wideout personnel groupings. Whitehead needs to run well because his lack of production will already hurt his draft cause.

Seahawks select at 141 (round 5): DT FOLEY FATUKASI, CONN

Measurements: 6-4 318, 34.5” arms

Testing: 5.29 40, 33 reps, 30” vert, 112” broad, 7.44 3 cone, 4.53 short shuttle

Raw, but physically elite every down DT

Draft Scout

Looks the part of an NFL defensive tackle with a hulking, broad-shouldered frame, good overall weight distribution and vines for arms (34 5/8”). Flashes impressive initial quickness for a man of his size with enough suddenness to threaten gaps. Good core and lower body strength when he keeps his pads low, showing the ability to ‘rassle his way free of blockers to latch onto nearby ball-carriers as well as push opponents deep into the pocket on the bull rush. Flashes awareness, keeping his head on a swivel (at least at times) and showing the hustle to peel off blocks and pursue laterally and downfield.... Experienced playing multiple positions along the defensive line, including nose guard and as a 5-tech defensive end. Durable player with no known serious injury issues at Connecticut, starting 36 games. High character grades off the field, maintaining a 3.0+ GPA and work with charitable organizations, as well as being UCONN’s only Wuerffel Award, which recognizes not only the quality of play on the field but the positive impact in the community as well... -- Rob Rang 2/2/2018

Fatukasi is raw but talented and offers a well-built, versatile defender who can be played at a variety of positions by teams who employ varied defensive fronts. He needs to improve at the point of attack, but that could happen if he’s asked to slant less and improves technique as a two-gapper. Fatukasi’s flashes of power and disruption could be foreshadowing a future as a quality NFL starter with the ability to play on passing downs.

Seahawks select at 146 (Round 5): CB TARVARUS MCFADDEN, FLORIDA STATE

Measurements: 6-2 200, 32.5” arms

Testing: 4.58 40, 38.5” vert, 121” broad, 7” 3 cone, 4.45 short shuttle

Prototype PC CB size with elite explosion, but not great pure speed and footwork will be the project, but that is what PC does best.


Outstanding height and length for the position. Notable ball production with 32 passes defended in 26 starts. Gathers his feet with flexible ankles and hips to mirror in his transition. Maintains his speed to carry receivers downfield. Excellent leaping skills to highpoint and make plays on the ball. Natural ball skills and finishes interceptions he should. Doesn’t allow receivers to get comfortable and looks to out-muscle receivers. Aggressively works through blocks to close on screens. Plays tough and won’t back down in one-on-one situations. Leverages the sideline as a downhill defender. Experienced on special teams, averaging 3.5 yards on punt returns (12/42/0) – also returned a blocked field goal 63 yards for a touchdown (Nov. 2017). Proved to be durable, starting every game the last two seasons. – Dane Brugler 1/10/2018

Press corner with long arms and disruptive qualities but lacking in foot quickness and makeup speed. McFadden put together a highlight reel of impressive interceptions with NFL-caliber ball skills, but his ball production dropped sharply this year. On top of that, his 4.68 forty at the Combine seemed to prove what the tape showed regarding his long speed or lack thereof. McFadden has cover talent, but may be forced into a zone scheme to cover up for his speed concerns. McFadden will need to tighten up his coverage technique and become a much better tackler in order to find meaningful snaps as a pro.

Seahawks select at 156 (Round 5): OLB DARIUS LEONARD, SOUTH CAROLINA ST

Measurements: 6-2 235, 34.5” arms

Testing: pulled quad on first 40

Long twitchy LB who can learn, provide depth and ST.

Draft Scout

Tall, good-looking frame with long arms. Balanced athleticism to mirror. Flows fast and pursues laterally. Rangy long-strider to make plays outside the numbers. Shoots gaps and closes well as a blitzer. Uses his length to lasso ballcarriers. Contact balance to work through blockers without taking himself out of the play. Alert and eyes stay trained on the ball to be in the right place at the right time. Performed well in four career games vs. FBS competition, including a career-best 19 tackles and a blocked field goal at Clemson (Sept. 2016). Mature, respectful individual and has an “old soul” according to his former high school coach. Works hard to add weight to his frame. NFL bloodlines – older half-brother (Anthony Waters) was drafted in the third round of the 2007 NFL Draft and played linebacker for four seasons in the NFL. Productive resume with a school-record 394 career tackles, starting 43 games the last four years. – Dane Brugler 2/7/2018

Long and twitchy with athletic ability and straight-line speed that should light up the combine. Leonard has packed on the pounds since hitting campus, but it hasn’t compromised his play speed as he has posted dominant production throughout. He lacks play strength and there are times you want to see more nasty in his field demeanor, but he has the traits and talent to become a good, three-down linebacker who can play 3-4 inside backer or 4-3 WILL.

Seahawks select at 168 (Round 5): C/OG WILL CLAPP, LSU

Measurements: 6-5 315, 33.5” ARMS

Testing: 5.39 40, 25 reps, 29” vert, 97” broad, 8” 3 cone, 4.9 short shuttle

Massive road grating OG/C.


Possesses good height for the position, along with broad shoulders and long arms with his weight evenly distributed. Good initial snap to step quickness, showing a powerful initial punch and good strength in his hands to latch onto and control opponents. Possesses the core strength and leg drive to generate movement at the point of attack, creating a surge with the torque and enough flexibility to turn defenders away from the ball-carrier. Despite only moving to center full-time in 2017, Clapp shows good awareness of his assignment downfield, showing enough functional athleticism to reach the second level. Calm in pass protection, sliding well laterally and utilizing his long arms to keep opponents at bay. Very competitive and flashes the nastiness to get OL coaches excited, looking to knock defenders to the ground and bury them. Possesses the length to slide back outside to guard in the NFL. Three year starter who showed toughness in playing through various injuries, missing just one game over his career (Southern Miss-2016). -- Rob Rang 1/14/2018

Steady, durable and reliable, Clapp has appealing size, but he’s more likely to man his position than to help make a noticeable improvement to an offensive line. His guard/center flexibility gives him an advantage over some other center prospects, but he might be more of an eventual starter than early starter if he goes to a decent team.

Seahawks select at 226 (Round 7): WR MARQUEZ VALDEZ-SCANTLING, SOUTH FLORIDA

Measurements: 6-4 206

Testing: 4.37 40, 15 reps, 30.5” vert, 124” broad

Elite size and speed, but needs to develop.

Height, weight, speed prospect with intriguing deep ball capabilities as a big field stretcher. Valdes-Scantling is a work in progress who hasn’t learned how to create leverage within his linear routes and doesn’t have the ball skills he will need to win downfield. He’s probably not ready to help a team just yet, but his issues may be correctable so he’s worth a Day 3 selection as a stash-and-coach prospect.

Seahawks select at 248 (Round 7): SS TRE FLOWERS, OKLAHOMA STATE

Measurements: 6-3 202, 34” arms

Testing: 4.4 40, 34.5” vert, 122” broad

Tall, fast, physical SS, but more of a run defender than coverage.


Tall, long-levered frame. Physical run defender. Gets involved in the tackle whenever possible (279 career stops). Strong upper body to punch the ball out or finish tackles when he properly wraps. Keeps outside leverage downhill in run support. Understands route concepts. Reads the quarterback and attacks underneath route. Excellent timing and thump when he arrives at the catch point to break up passes. Voted a senior captain. Graduated with a degree in Management (Dec. 2017)…Durable resume with 42 career starts. – Dane Brugler 2/7/2018

Flowers is a long-armed, lanky safety with solid instincts but limited by hip tightness and a lack of fluidity. Flowers’ length has helped with tackle and ball production, but his lack of adequate man cover skills could be an issue if offenses target him in space. His thin frame and inconsistencies as a tackler will concern some teams. Backup safety is his ceiling.