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Report: Seahawks linked to Ra’Shede Hageman

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With news coming out Monday that the Seattle Seahawks may be on the verge of releasing 2017 second round pick Malik McDowell, reports have surfaced that link the Seahawks with another disappointing former second round pick.

That tweet is somewhat vague, in that it does not give any detail on the timeframe in which the Hawks reportedly expressed interest in former Atlanta Falcons second round pick Ra’Shede Hageman. Getting right down to it, for all anyone knows, the Hawks could have had interest in Hageman back during the 2014 draft or last year during training camp when they were shopping for defensive tackles to replace the recently injured McDowell.

The reason the timing of the interest is of note, for those unfamiliar with Hageman, is that he was out of the NFL in 2017 after being waived by the Falcons and suspended indefinitely by the league for his role in a 2016 domestic disturbance. As for the details of that situation, this is what the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported after his release last fall:

The incident was with the mother of his child. Hageman was charged with interfering with a call for emergency help, battery family violence and cruelty to children in the third degree.

The charges stem from an incident in which Hageman pulled the hair of the mother of his child and pushed her down in the parking lot outside of her apartment, causing her to sustain lacerations on her left hand and elbow. Hageman then took her phone, preventing her from calling 911. This incident happened in front of the couple’s child.

According to the Journal Constitution, Hageman reportedly pled guilty to misdemeanor charges related to the incident, but I am unaware of and have been unable to find the specifics of the alleged guilty plea. All I know is what has been reported, plus that the incident took place in March of 2016 before playing the 2016 season with former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and the Falcons aware of the incident. However, following his guilty plea in late August of 2017, the Falcons released Hageman and the league subsequently suspended him indefinitely. Beyond that, I do not have any more information.

In any case, the Seahawks appear to remain in the market for defensive tackles, though Hageman would represent a highly polarizing option at the position. Whether the interest of the team was simply them doing their due diligence before crossing his name off their list, or whether they might still be considering him I have no idea.

Personally, I’d prefer the team pass on Hageman, no matter how much he might be able to help them on the field. However, as the Hawks front office doesn’t actually call me to ask my opinions on matters, my opinion is irrelevant.

What is relevant, though, are the site rules. So, as always, please keep those in mind in while discussing this matter.