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Why the Seahawks moved on from Michael Bennett

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC vs AFC Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In early March when the Seattle Seahawks traded Michael Bennett to the Philadelphia Eagles for little more than a bag of balls and some bubble gum, many fans were upset. They understood that a highly compensated defensive lineman in his thirties who had battled multiple injuries in recent seasons would not warrant a significant amount in return, however, today some new light was shed on why the Hawks may have moved on from Bennett.

The fact that Bennett was not totally tuned in during meetings would go a long way towards explaining why the Seahawks were willing to move on from him. In addition, it would also echo what Richard Sherman stated after signing with the San Francisco 49ers regarding Pete Carroll’s message getting stale after hearing the same stories over and over.

In any case, this may or may not be the exact reason why the team had no qualms moving on from Bennett, but it certainly is not something that would have helped things.